After leaving Fantástico, Tadeu Schmidt takes an unusual trip and makes a woman’s dream come true · TV News

After saying goodbye to Fantastic, Tadeu Schmidt is on vacation with his wife. The journalist took advantage of the temporary career break to fulfill Ana Cristina’s dream of seeing the aurora borealis, a luminous celestial phenomenon that can be seen in countries of the Polar Circle.

“What a beautiful thing! How fantastic this planet is! You start by seeing a white band that looks like a cloud. Suddenly, it turns green, bright, and starts dancing in front of your eyes!”, described the newest holder of the title. Big Brother Brazil.

According to the native, after leaving Globo’s electronic magazine, his desire was to take a different trip, to record the turning point in his career path.

“If we were lucky, we would see the aurora borealis… But nothing was guaranteed, many people come and don’t see it…”, conditioned the presenter. “But, if we were lucky, we would make the dream of the woman in my life come true! A day to never forget!!!
Tears frozen on their faces…”, reported the father of the Horses of Fantastic.

In one of the videos published by JB Oliveira’s newest pupil, Boninho, the traveling couple jumps up and down for joy. “In the middle of the night, we left, stopped the car on the road to see the Northern Lights: Ana Cristina’s dream”, says the former holder of the Sunday, when interrupting his speech to celebrate the hug of his beloved.

Despite the report about Ana Cristina’s dream, Tadeu did not reveal which was the country in the Polar Circle where he watched the spectacle in the sky.

See here photos of the trip: