After plagiarism controversy, Streamlabs will remove ‘OBS’ from its name

Live streaming software and tools provider Streamlabs was accused on Tuesday (16) of having copied promotional material from the Lightstream company for its new Xbox Lives product. During the controversy on Twitter, the profile of the OBS software “entered the fray”, claiming that the use of the term Open Broadcaster Software, open software for free translation broadcasts, by the accused was not authorized. With that, the company that belongs to Logitech said it will remove the term “OBS” from its name.

“Close to the launch, Streamlabs got in touch with us to use the word OBS. We kindly denied it, but they did it anyway and registered the brand. We tried to resolve this in private conversations, but they were never cooperative,” the profile said on the day November 17th.

The use of the acronym still generated confusion for users of “traditional” OBS, as many do not understand the difference and separation between the two services. That said, the “copied” tells you that Streamlabs has complied with all the terms of the General Public License — but it has ignored the “spirit” of open source.

It didn’t take long for streamers to realize the drama. Influencer Pokimane, with nearly 8.5 million followers on Twitch, threatened to cancel her partnership with Streamlabs if the allegations were not resolved. It appears that popular pressure has worked: the advertising content has been changed to be different from Lightstream, and the company has promised it will “immediately” remove the “OBS” from its name.

As a justification for the appropriation of the word, Streamlabs informed that the program for lives is based on the open source platform OBS and that its initiative is also of this type.

However, as the tweet replies stated, it took a crisis of popularity for the issue to be admitted and resolved.

Currently, the company still uses “Streamlabs Open Broadcast Software (OBS)” to define its program. There is no exact forecast for the withdrawal, but the platform said it would take “immediate” actions to resolve the issue.

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