After rumors of separation, Ivete Sangalo appears in the company of someone else

Ivete Sangalo
After rumors of separation, Ivete Sangalo appears accompanied by her sister (Image: Reproduction)

Ivete Sangalo and Daniel Cady rumors were raised that they would be separated after columnist Leo Dias released a photo in which he appeared without an alliance and he deleted all the photos with it from Instagram.

So far, no one has commented on the matter, but the singer appeared accompanied by her sister. On social networks, she appeared abroad with Cynthia Sangalo, who is also your producer.

She and Daniel are very discreet about their personal lives, but the photo shared by Cynthia made a difference. Apparently, they went to visit Ivete’s nieces, who live there.

In the publication’s caption, the singer’s sister shot: “Happy Day”. And in the comments, the fans wished them all the best. “I love this playful duo close together!!!!”, rand acted Gum.

Rumors of the separation of Ivete Sangalo

Days ago, Ivete’s husband was enjoying a friend’s wedding party without the presence of his wife. He was with several people and left his hand in evidence, with the absence of the ring.

Fans then began to suspect that something was wrong. Afterwards, they realized that Daniel had erased all the photos with the singer. In her profile, the last photo with him was from August.

They are parents of three children, Marcelo and the twins Helen and Marina, and the relationship began in 2008. The two do not comment on their personal lives and have not officially commented on the matter.

Ivete Sangalo and her husband enjoyed a night out in Bahia

Recently, the couple were in the mood for romance. They emerged taking full advantage of their stay in Trancoso, in southern Bahia. On vacation with family and friends there, the singer appeared in rare clicks with her husband.

On his Instagram profile, the nutritionist shared two moments with the famous woman. The first of them, Daniel, appears on the beach carrying his beloved in his arms.

In the second photo, the couple appears clinging, sitting in front of the sea, in the height of romance.

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