Alexandre Nero erases nudes after repercussion of clicks: “Better stop here”

Alexandre Nero shared bold photos to promote musical work, but deleted after comments

This Saturday (20), after sharing some daring clicks on social media, Alexander Nero decided to delete the images after the repercussion of the publication.

The 51-year-old actor posted the images with hardly any clothes to publicize his music albums and ended up becoming one of the most talked about on social networks.

After a lot of comments, the handsome one chose to delete the post and revealed that it was just a test: “I deleted it because it was a test. I tested it and it really worked. It’s amazing what a little breast can do. In two hours, the post had 200 thousand times more likes than another one without a breast. I had fun, it was funny. Aside from the repercussions on gossip sites. Nipples are still controversial. What more ’80s”, he said.

Then, he made a point of clarifying that the disclosure was for the records that had already been released. He also said knowing that, despite having deleted the photos, the prints will be eternal.

“There were a lot of people saying that I was promoting the new album. It’s not the new, it’s the old, devil. The new haul next year. And if I did it for an old and outdated one, what will I have to do to promote the new one? Better stop here.”.

In the comments of the new publication, he spoke again about his work: “Not that it matters to anyone, but: two of my old CD’s are already on the digital platforms of your choice”, said the star.