Alinne Moraes returns to talking about hot scenes with Cauã Reymond and reveals

The soap opera a place in the sun is on display in Globe since last week. One of the most recurrent subjects among fans of the plot is the couple formed by Barbara (Alinne Moraes) and Renato/Christian (Cauã Reymond). They starred in several hot scenes in the first chapters of the story and one detail steals the show: the famous were already married and were together in the early 2000s.

Alinne decided to talk about it once more when giving an interview to Splash portal. She talked about the big repercussions of the scenes.

That [o relacionamento] it was years ago… I knew [que causaria repercussão]. I said: ‘Cauã, the soap opera is going to be a success, apart from the curiosity part’. People love to imagine that between that couple of protagonists there is something behind. Can you imagine a couple of ex-boyfriends? We know that this imagination is so vast that it sells a lot of magazines”, he says.

The character

The artist reveals that she doesn’t have Twitter but always knows what happens on the network through her husband. “My husband is thrilled when he sees Barbara in trend topics every day. Success is the character, not Alinne”, he commented.

At another point, Moraes explains that his character needs help. “She’s a very sensitive girl, she didn’t have her parents’ love. They weren’t very present. Her only dream is to build a family. She is in love with Renato. When does he die and the other takes over? What she needs is real therapy. As he is a lie, she is getting lost more and more. She goes crazy”, concluded.

Other details

Recently, Alinne Moraes was interviewed by Harper’s Bazaar Brasil magazine and spoke about several topics, including Um Lugar ao Sol. Regarding her character, she reveals that recording a soap opera in the pandemic was difficult. “It was the hardest thing about this entire project. I started at 37 years old and will debut at 40”, she commented.

At another time, the artist was asked if she believes her character is a villain. “I’ll leave the question of villainy in the public’s hands. She starts to doubt herself and has worsening psychological symptoms. He ends up becoming a victim and will do absurd things, but everything is justified”, commented the artist, who commented that she likes Cauã Reymond’s work very much.

Thiago Freitas

Marketing – University Center of Belo Horizonte. Acts as a copywriter for the TV niche and famous.