Analysis: Fortaleza overcomes the knockout of the Classic-Rey, defeats Palmeiras and approaches the Libertadores | strength

After the hit on the King Classic, with a defeat by 4 to 0, the Fortaleza did not feel the weight in front of Palmeiras. Playing as in the “old times”, he beat his opponent by 1-0, at Arena Castelão, this Saturday, with the support of the fans. He returned to the G-4 of Serie A and is closer to the Libertadores spot.

With David between holders and Lucas Crispim on the bench, Fortaleza went to duel with: Boeck; Tinga, Benevenuto, Titi; Yago Pikachu, Jussa, Ronald, Matheus Vargas, Bruno Melo; David and Robson. Éderson, with a sprained right ankle, was the only one on the bench.

Fortaleza was much superior, in the first half, to what they presented in the King-Class of the last round. Jussa and Robson were the first to kick well into Weverton’s goal. Even with less ball possession, Fortaleza played a safe game, mainly defensively. He had a big chance with Benevenuto, defended by Weverton. And reached the goal soon after, with Robson, who is the club’s top scorer in the competition, with 10 goals. Palmeiras, in fact, only threatened at the end, but Pikachu saved on top of the line.

Robson Celebration, Fortaleza x Palmeiras — Photo: Fabiane de Paula / SVM

The start of the second half was very lacking and full of stoppages. Jussa, hanging, got the yellow card and does not find Santos in the next round. Vojvoda had to change because Matheus Vargas and Pikachu were in pain. At 30, Robson had a chance to expand, but he caught the ball badly.

The Fortaleza took a fright. Patrick de Paula tied the match with a shot from outside the area, accepted by Marcelo Boeck. The arbitration, however, canceled the bid after reviewing the VAR, with the participation of Gustavo Gómez, making a kind of light stop after the kick. The defender was in an offside position. Later, Boeck redeemed himself and made a save that ensured victory.

Toward the end of the game, Yago Pikachu, after being substituted, passed out on the edge of the field. The ambulance was called, the Fortaleza player was promptly attended to and gradually regained consciousness.

Robson, David and Benevenuto were too important this Saturday for the result. The defender shows, again, the donation with the Fortaleza shirt. Boeck was the point of instability. The mistake could have been costly.

At Arena Castelão, Fortaleza left behind the sequence of five games without a victory. And it remains firm with the dream of Libertadores. Ahead, there are Santos, Juventude, Cuiabá and Bahia.

— Photo: Disclosure