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Angel (Camila Queiroz) washes the soul with a beating like those in Giovanna (Agatha Moreira) in the third batch of chapters of Verdades Secretas 2. After being arrested and becoming a slave of Percy (Gabriel Braga Nunes) to regain her freedom, the protagonist can’t stand the affront of the rival and he will take out all his anger. Between slaps and hair pulling, the model will even hit the enemy’s head several times against a window.

The investigation into the death of Alex (Rodrigo Lombardi) puts Angel in jail in Chapter 20, the last of the second part. She then agrees to serve Percy’s fetishes in exchange for money to get out of prison and get revenge on Giovanna.

Angry to learn that the millionaire businessman paid for her rival’s defense, Agatha Moreira’s character appears at his house to demand satisfaction.

“I came more out of conscience. I don’t know if you know, but Angel had a relationship with my father. When he fell off that speedboat and disappeared into the sea, Angel was there. All the evidence points to the obvious: to Angel as the main responsible for his death”, says Pia’s daughter (Guilhermina Guinle).

Percy barely has time to talk to the visitor. Angel comes from inside the house, wearing a robe, and yells, “Shut up!” “What a surprise, Angel,” says Giovanna, with a mocking smile.

“Get out of here”, demands the protagonist. “Do you think I’m afraid of you?” challenges the vindictive villain. “You better have it,” Angel says, before slapping the blonde in the face.

The slap is the starting point for a violent wrestling by the pool. Angel and Giovanna cling to each other’s hair and roll on the floor. Meanwhile, Percy watches the box-room brawl as if nothing is happening.

Camila Queiroz’s character holds the enemy’s head to knock her against a glass wall that separates the living room of the house from the leisure area. “I can’t stand you anymore!” screams the girl.

Ariel’s business partner (Sergio Guizé) finally decides to separate the two and expel Giovanna from her house, in the scene of chapter 27 of the novel by Walcyr Carrasco.

Secret Truths 2 will feature 50 chapters, with releases made in blocks of ten episodes every 15 days. On Globo’s streaming platform, the next premieres will take place on December 1st and 15th.

When aired on open TV, the soap opera will gain a lighter version, as anticipated by TV news. The rerun of the 2015 version will continue on TV until December.

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