Athletico reaches his seventh title in four seasons and looms large with a double from the Sudamericana; analysis | athletico-pr

Athletico looms large with the conquest of the Copa Sudamericana for the second time in a gap of three years. More than that: the cup raised in Montevideo after the 1-0 victory over Bragantino consolidates the high competition experienced by the team since 2018.

In the last four seasons, Hurricane has seven titles: the two South American (2018 and 2021), one Copa do Brasil (2019), the J. League/Conmebol (2019), and three Paranaenses (2018, 2019 and 2020 ). And there is also the final of the Copa do Brasil, against Atlético-MG, in December, which could increase this number of achievements.

In addition, Rubro-Negro secured a place in the group stage of the Libertadores 2022 and will compete in the main continental competition for the eighth times, the fourth since 2019.

– It is a very serious club, which should be more talked about, respected. A giant team. Secret is a lot of work, humility, we are not afraid to face any team. The secret is for everyone to understand the project and go in the same direction – said captain Thiago Heleno, at a press conference.

Title reinforces “lady soul”

Best moments of Athletico-PR 1 x 0 Bragantino, for the 2021 Sudamericana final

Best moments of Athletico-PR 1 x 0 Bragantino, for the 2021 Sudamericana final

To reach the final in Montevideo and win the 2021 Sudamericana, Athletico needed to reinvent itself in the competition. Hurricane started very shyly in the group stage, with meager and unconvincing victories against opponents without much continental expression – Aucas (Ecuador), Metropolitanos (Venezuela) and Melgar (Peru).

The Rubro-Negro gained body when the knockout came. There appeared the “buttress soul” that came along with these recent achievements mentioned above. It was from the round of 16, against better known and bigger teams, that Athletico entered the competition for good. He passed with ease through América de Cali, had to look for an incredible comeback over LDU (lost 1-0 in Quito, trailed in Baixada, but turned and made 4-2), and went to the final after eliminating Peñarol with two convincing wins.

The place in the final, in fact, came three weeks after António Oliveira’s resignation and one day before the announcement of the hiring of Alberto Valentim as the new coach.

Before the decision of the Sudamericana, Athletico faced a difficult moment in the Brasileirão, with a victory in eight games. Right at this moment, Hurricane overcame Flamengo and advanced to the final of the Copa do Brasil.

In Montevideo, Athletico was precise and organized to face the final against Bragantino. The winning goal came from the always decisive Nikão, still in the first half. After that, Hurricane held the pressure that Bragantino tried to impose and made the fans celebrate the title.

So came the South American bi. Something that no Brazilian team has achieved in this competition that began in 2002 and completed its 20th edition. A feat that only the Argentines Indepediente and Boca Juniors achieved.

Another achievement for an Athletico increasingly husky and cupbearer. A team that confirms each year its place as the protagonist of Brazilian football and that goes even higher in South America.

Athletico’s upcoming games 🌪️

  • São Paulo x Athletic: 11/24, Wednesday, 9:30 pm – Morumbi
  • Corinthians x Athletic: 11/28, Sunday, 4 pm – Neo Química Arena
  • Athletic x Cuiabá: 12/3, Friday, 7 pm – Arena da Baixada
  • Athletic x Palm Trees: 12/06, Monday, 7 pm – Arena da Baixada
  • Sport x Athletic: 12/09, Thursday, 9:30 pm – Ilha do Retiro