Atlético could be champion mathematically against Fluminense, on the 28th, at Mineirão – Rádio Itatiaia

Photo: Pedro Souza/Atlético
Pedro Souza/Athletic

Flamengo’s result prevents Atlético from securing the title against Palmeiras

At the end of the game this Saturday (20), against Juventude, when they scored 2-0 at Mineirão, the Atletico fan shouted: “É Campeão”. Cuca’s team has practically secured the cup, as it has a campaign that would guarantee the title in the 15 editions of Serie A by running points with 20 clubs. But mathematically, the cup can no longer be guaranteed next Tuesday (23), against Palmeiras, at Allianz Parque. But next Sunday (28), against Fluminense, at Gigante da Pampulha, Atlético could be 100% Brazilian twice champion.

The conquest was postponed because of Flamengo’s 2-1 over Internacional, also this Saturday, in Beira-Rio. For Galo to secure the title on the 28th, against the tricolor from Rio de Janeiro, he will have to beat Palmeiras and count on at least one draw by the red-black carioca team against Grêmio, on the same day, also in Porto Alegre.

Today, the difference between the two clubs is eight points, with 15 remaining to be played. With an athletic victory at Allianz Parque, and a Flamengo draw at Arena do Grêmio, she goes to ten points, with four rounds to be played.

If Galo beats Fluminense, they put 13 points ahead of Flamengo, who will have only 12 in dispute. Thus, Galo mathematically guarantees the title of the 2021 Brazilian Championship.

unlikely scenario

Flamengo’s victory over Internacional creates, in this final stretch of Serie A, the possibility of a scenario that the competition has never had, which is a runner-up with 66.7% of success, which represents 76 points at the end of the 38 rounds.

The best runner-up in history with 20 clubs was Santos, in 2019, with 74 points. In this account, of two points per game, Galo, who has 74 in 33 rounds, has eight to spare.

Flamengo, with 66 points from 33 matches, is in the average that has historically always secured the Brasileirão cup. It remains to be seen whether Renato Gaúcho’s team, which decides the Copa Libertadores next Saturday (27), against Palmeiras, at Estádio Centenário, in Montevideo, will have the strength to score at least ten points in the five remaining rounds of this Brasileirão that is on its way to becoming of Athletic.

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