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One of Leila Mejdalani Pereira’s greatest difficulties in her meteoric rise, up to the presidency of Palmeiras, was her smile. In her daily social media appearances, mandatory for anyone who takes care of her image, Leila had to smile.

He is very serious and strict with her and with her companies.

Lawyer, effectively participates in the control of 11 companies that she owns. She never wanted the role only of José Roberto Lamacchia’s wife. His fame, mainly at Crefisa and at Faculdade das Américas, is very rigid, demanding results.

Leila managed to pulverize opponents, the opposition in Palmeiras did not even have the courage to launch a candidate for the election. I knew I would be embarrassed. She was elected, single candidate. It will take over on the 15th of the next month.

But he knew he would be president since 2017, when the scandal involving tickets and former president Mustafá Contursi, the main political articulator in Palmeira, broke out. With him in exile, there was no one with the strength to join the opposition.

Leila gave her first interview yesterday as president-elect. Just another terrible Saturday for Palmeiras, with the team, with its holders, defeated by the competitive, but limited Fortaleza. With the team playing badly, Weverton and Gustavo Gómez arguing harshly. Just a week away from the Libertadores decision. While Flamengo beat Internacional, in Porto Alegre, by 2-1, imposing themselves.

Billionaire Leila had plenty of time and guidance to think about the future of Palmeiras in the next three years, under her command. And he knows that the name of his main company, Crefisa, will also be tied to the success or failure of the team on the pitch.

Even more with direct competition from Flamengo, from Atlético Mineiro. And the promised rise of Corinthians, with reinforcements and money, coming from the change in the payment method for their stadium.

Crefisa has already invested R$ 800 million in Palmeiras, in six years of sponsorship. And Leila made a point of anticipating the renewal, like Mauricio Galiotte, for another three years, because she was not ethically able to negotiate the sponsorship of her company with the club she chairs.

“Enough of protagonism. We are already protagonists, we want to be victorious.”

In other words, it knows that it’s no use, due to the expectations it created, and involving Crefisa. It’s not good for Pereira, Palmeiras to be third in the Brazilian, fall in semifinals, lose decisions.

As the blog has already anticipated for more than six months, Leila wants Abel Ferreira as her coach. Felipe Melo with renewed contract. And important signings. All chosen by Abel, not imposed by a football executive or president, as happened at Palmeiras.

Names are already circulating among enthusiastic directors: Philippe Coutinho, Nikão, Soteldo, Ricardo Goulart. And even the Uruguayan media artist Cavani.

The fan’s imagination is stimulated.

But there is a huge problem.

If Palmeiras loses to Libertadores, there is no certainty that Abel Ferreira will continue, despite having a contract until December 2023. The Portuguese is extremely irritated with the pressure, the demands from the press for the team’s performance in the last three months. It won’t be a surprise if you don’t want to continue. Even winning the competition.

The plans at Palmeiras will come into effect after the Libertadores final. Because if Abel doesn’t stay, the process will impose the search for a new coach. The impasse is real.

Even in the name of the football executive. There are those who defend the return of Alexandre Mattos, marked by great signings.

Therefore, the confirmation of billionaire Leila Pereira to the presidency did not bring the relief, the confidence that the board and the Deliberative Council of Palmeira had been waiting for.

She will, indeed, build a hotel for youngsters, who are usually housed in decaying buildings, around the Allianz Parque.

It will also renovate the pools from the 80s, an old demand of the partners, but the focus is on football and the very expensive cast that the club has and that also represents its companies, for the sponsorship that will consume between R$ 80 million and R$ 120 million every one of the three years since his first term. Yes, there are plans for a second.

If Leila is already having trouble smiling for the cameras, yesterday she was proud but tense. He knows that the moment at Palmeiras is delicate.

She will be the first woman to head the club known as the most demanding, most skin-deep crowd capable of turning encouragement into hate in 90 minutes.

Being a Libertadores finalist is not enough at Palestra Itália.

If he loses, Abel Ferreira knows he will plunge into crisis.

It won’t matter if he won the Libertadores and the Copa do Brasil at the beginning of the year. The losses of the Supercopa do Brasil, the Recopa Sudamericana, the Paulista, the Copa do Brasil, the 2021 Brazilian Nationals will surface.

Leila Pereira’s first step as president will depend on what happens Saturday, at the Centenário stadium, in Montevideo, against Flamengo.

Really, six days before the game, Leila can’t smile…

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