Black Friday: Check out tips to avoid fraud and shop safely

Data is much sought after by scammers due to the high demand caused by below normal prices and differentiated payment terms

11/27/2020 – WALLACE MARTINS/FUTURA PRESS/ESTADÃO CONTENTBlack Friday annually attracts millions of Brazilians with below-standard deals and prices

Expected by consumers, the sexta-feira Negra of 2021 already knocks on the door of the Brazil. Several stores and brands are offering discounts and differentiated conditions to attract customers and increase sales. However, it is necessary to take care to avoid falling into scams or frauds practiced by criminals, who take advantage of the high demand from customers to deceive the unsuspecting. However, even with the high number of scammers, it is possible to take steps to take precautions and avoid problems in your purchases. In an interview with Young pan, the lawyer specializing in digital fraud Alfonso Morais gave tips on how to protect yourself and talked about the risks of scams involving online shopping.

Protect your data

The first tip concerns data protection. Personal information and documents such as RG, CPF, address, card and telephone numbers can be leaked and facilitate the application of scams and cloning. “Today, several frauds are perpetuated on the internet. One of the main ones is data capture, where the fraudster enters social networks and ends up downloading photos of the person and, seeing their profile, assembles a fake phone”, says Morais. He warns that the practice can generate future scams, even outside of Black Friday. The lawyer points out that it is important to vary the password on different websites and online services. “Always try to have different passwords for cards, websites and registrations. Also try to change them constantly. Avoid simpler data such as name, 123 in sequence or date of birth”, he recommends.

Search before you buy

One of the main ways to avoid scams is to research the stores and payment terms offered. Morais recommends a search on the reputation of those offering a product or service. Sites such as Procon and Reclame Aqui are reliable to check the credibility of establishments. Looking for information from reliable sources avoids pitfalls. “It’s important to always be smart and up to date on new scams, but always seek information from reputable sources. Remember that WhatsApp groups are the biggest disseminators of fake news”, warns the lawyer.

Beware of Pix

The trend is that the newly created banking service facilitates the application of scams and the occurrence of fraud on Black Friday. For Morais, even with the platform’s security, the lack of customer attention tends to attract scammers. “The Pix platform is completely secure. Frauds only occur because of consumers’ lack of care and willingness to take advantage of prices well below the average. Pix increases fraud because it is a very easy digital medium. What must be done to avoid these frauds is not to click on links and prefer payments through official platforms.”

Be wary of ‘miracles’

Promotions considered “miraculous” usually attract those looking for cheaper products, but it is always good to check if the discounts are real or if there are no catches in ads with prices far below normal. “When the miracle is too much, it is essential to be suspicious. The proposals with sensational discounts are the most used for scams. Therefore, do not believe in these situations”, explains the lawyer.