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The Brazilian Federation of Banks (Febraban) warns that gangs take advantage of the moment of euphoria with the large volume of offers to apply scams that cause great damagereproduction

Published 11/20/2021 07:00

One of the most anticipated dates for retail is close and promises a movement in trade across the country. At the end of this month, the 26th, consumers will be able to take advantage of Black Friday promotions. However, it is necessary to be careful when going shopping, as the date that fell in Brazilian tastes is a lure for criminals to practice scams. This year, ClearSale, a company specializing in anti-fraud solutions in the most diverse segments, forecasts a 52% growth in these practices. So, for the date not to become a headache, check out tips to avoid falling into fraud.

The Brazilian Federation of Banks (Febraban) warns that gangs take advantage of the moment of euphoria with the large volume of offers to apply scams that cause great damage, especially using the social engineering tactic, which consists of manipulating the user to provide information confidential and for the theft of personal data.

According to Adriano Volpini, director of the Executive Committee for Fraud Prevention at Febraban, consumers must take extra care in making their purchases, and he mentions that at this time of year criminal approaches with fake pages that simulate e-commerce, promotions are common. fakes sent by emails, SMS and WhatsApp messages and the creation of fake profiles that invest in media to appear on pages and stories of social networks.

The specialist in digital security and technical consultant at CertiSign Márcio D’avila explained that criminals should direct fraud to Pix, which completes a year this month. In this modality, the payment takes place through a QR Code instantly.

“It is important to have an antivirus on your cell phone and, when scanning the code, carefully check all the data, such as the name of the person/company and value, before carrying out the operation. It is also essential to check if the site you were directed to it is protected by data encryption of an SSL certificate actually issued to the company in question,” he says.

According to D’avila, most scams can be identified by looking at the transaction information. He explains that it is possible to recognize a secure site by the presence of a padlock in the browser bar, the letter S in HTTP, making it HTTPS, and the security seal, which is usually fixed at the bottom of the page. When observing these signs, the consumer must click on the padlock or seal and verify the information. “If the store is and the SSL has been issued to, it is likely that the site is fake and, by continuing the operation, your data could be stolen,” he explains.

During peak shopping seasons, phishing attacks are even more recurrent. The bait? Fabulous promotions that are sent via email and messages, and by clicking on the link, your data can be stolen. “Don’t let the appearance fool you. Many criminals make identical copies of e-mails and websites from established stores”, says the expert in digital security.

In order not to fall into the traps, D’avila indicates to check the sender of the email for typos and avoid clicking on promotion links sent by SMS email and messaging applications, especially those that are shortened, making it impossible to verify the email address. targeting.

“The best measure to take advantage of the offers safely is to go to the website of the company from which you received the message and check if the promotion actually exists. And, of course, check if the website in question is secure,” he says.

Here are the same tips as the previous item: check if there is a lock in the browser and a security seal.

Order receipt

The specialist also points out a new scam being applied by bad-faith couriers. In order to obtain data, upon delivery, the criminal asks for a selfie and a photo of the identification document to be taken. With this, personal information and facial biometrics are collected that can be used to open accounts in digital banks and apply for loans, for example, among other transactions without consent.

“Only give this information if you are sure that this type of verification is part of the control process of the store where you bought it. If you are not sure of this, deny it. And, if the delivery person insists, inform that you will contact directly with e-commerce to confirm receipt”, explains D’avila.

Check out ten tips from Febraban

• When using search engines, carefully check the address (URL) to ensure this is the site you want to access. Fraudsters use “sponsored links” to gain visibility in search results

• Give preference to well-known sites. Check the reputation of unknown sites by reading reviews from customers who have used the platforms

• Don’t click on unfamiliar links. Febraban advises to be suspicious of promotions whose prices are much lower than the real value of the product, as criminals use the excitement of consumers to do a great deal to collect information and apply scams that generate great losses.

• Do not fill in forms with personal data to access Black Friday promotions

• Give preference to using virtual cards to make your purchases online

• Always check the value on the card machine before entering your password

• If you are going to pay for the purchase with a bank slip, check who is the beneficiary company that appears when paying for the bank slip, on the bank’s application or website. If the name is different from the brand or company where the purchase was made, the transaction must not be completed.

• After making a purchase in person, always check that the returned card is really your card.

• Never use a public or a stranger’s computer to make purchases and enter your bank details.

• Always use original software and applications on your computer or smartphone, and always keep an antivirus updated.

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