Bradesco or Itaú? What is the best option to invest your money?

Choosing a bank to invest in is very important. For this reason, this decision will almost always depend on the investor’s objective. In addition, other factors are important, such as the amount available for investment, as well as the options offered by the bank. In this text, we will talk about two well-known institutions, Bradesco and Itaú, giving tips on which one is best for your investments. So check out below.

Bradesco or Itaú? What is the best option to invest your money?

Thus, the first point to be said is that banks like Bradesco and Itaú have variable returns. Therefore, it is important to analyze the desired profitability before investing. The investor’s degree of risk aversion or tolerance must also be considered. Furthermore, you need to think about the period in which you want to make a profit.

For example, if an investor saves for the long term, and doesn’t want surprises, the ideal is a safer investment, such as fixed income. Now, if you are willing to take a higher level of risk, you can invest your resources in a medium- and long-term mutual fund. In both cases, the one who decides the risks to be taken is you.

Finally, we’ll talk about Bradesco’s and Itaú’s investment options below. In the case of Bradesco, you have access to shares, LCI and LCA products, investment in savings and CDB, in addition to COE, investment funds and pension plans. At Itaú, you also have access to all these types of investments. In other words, no matter which bank you choose, you can make a variety of investments. The important thing is to check the profitability conditions of each product.

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