Brothers denounce racial insult in Mineirão on the day of Black Consciousness; ‘bunch of monkeys’ | Minas Gerais

The 25-year-old black youth, Carlos Miguel de Almeida, wrote this statement on a social network , after denouncing racial injury he suffered with his brother, Carlos Eduardo de Almeida, 22, at Mineirão stadium, during a match between Atlético-MG and Juventude, on Saturday night, November 20th, on Black Consciousness Day.

Understand the difference between racism and racial injury

Understand the difference between racism and racial injury

According to information from the Military Police, during the registration of the complaint, the brothers told that after an argument, a man, whom they knew because they had friends in common, went to the victims and said: “What are you looking at, monkey? Bunch of monkeys.”

“It was such a shock, we were stuck wondering what to do. At the time I wanted to run, go away, afraid, stay with my family, whether I wanted it or not, the target is right: the color black. The speech also kills the people,” said Carlos Miguel to g1 Minas, this Sunday morning (21)

The advertiser reported the racist offense in a profile on social media (See below). The publication, this Sunday morning, had more than 200 reactions, in less than 24 hours.

He and his brother filed a police report at the police station located inside the stadium.

“And when a man called us a monkey, I just wanted my mother’s lap, thinking about protecting my brother without knowing what to do in tears, crying,” said Carlos Miguel.

Carlos Miguel de Almeida, 25, and his brother Carlos Eduardo de Almeida, 22, denounced racial slurs in Mineirão, on November 20th. — Photo: Social media

After the curses, the suspect, 43 years old, disappeared among fans. Until 8:00 am, this Sunday (21), he had not been located by the police.

According to the Civil Police, the occurrence was referred to the 3rd Northwest Civil Police Precinct for the investigation of the facts.

The g1 sought out the administration of Mineirão, but, until the last update of this article, there had been no return.

“I felt such anguish (…) Being a person we know, you know who he is, that’s what hurt the most. There’s no excuse why he was drunk, he knew what he was talking about”, lamented Carlos.

Brothers and a cousin of them watching the match between Atlético-MG and Juventude, before the racist attacks, in Mineirão. — Photo: Social media

In just over a year, the g1 reported More than 30 reports of racism and racial slurs which had repercussions in Minas Gerais (see the list at the end of the article). There were episodes of name calling, intimidation and violence motivated by skin color.

Some of the victims of racism reported by the g1 in Minas only in the last year. — Photo: g1 file

there was even more than one case a day of repercussion in the state. Only this month of November, until this Friday (19), there have already been four complaints.

Black Conscience: See recent crimes of racial injury and racism that have taken place in Minas

Black Conscience: See recent crimes of racial injury and racism that have taken place in Minas

Recently, the Federal Supreme Court (STF) ruled, by 8 votes to 1, that the crime of racial injury can be equated to racism and considered imprescriptible, that is, subject to punishment at any time.

The first step for this type of crime to be punished is for the victim to file a formal complaint.

If the crime is happening at the time, the best option is to call 911 and call the Military Police.

If the crime has already happened:

  • Look for the nearest police authority and record the occurrence
  • Tell the story in as much detail as possible
  • Provide names and contacts of witnesses
  • Ask the officer to include in the complaint that you want the offender to be prosecuted

Legal consultant Maria Nazaré Paulino tells how she was a victim of racism in Belo Horizonte in October

Legal consultant Maria Nazaré Paulino tells how she was a victim of racism in Belo Horizonte in October

The Civil Police of Minas has a Specialized Police Station in the Suppression of the Crimes of Racism, Xenophobia, LGBTphobia and Related Intolerance, which investigates these cases.

The federal government has the Human Rights Dial – Dial 100, where it is possible to file complaints of racism and discrimination.

Recall below some of the recent occurrences of greater repercussion of racism and racial injury reported by the g1 in Minas:

  • September 1, 2020: Queen of the Carnival of Belo Horizonte is victim of racist act: ‘you are a monkey, arrogant, idiot’
  • November 19: Confusion over unmasked taxi driver ends with passenger called ‘monkey’ in Belo Horizonte: ‘Just wanted to get home’
  • November 24th: Police investigate the complaint of a young man who claims to have been a victim of racism when taking a photo for his ID in Minas
  • November 24th: A man is arrested on suspicion of injury after calling a fast-food chain employee a ‘monkey’ in Belo Horizonte
  • November 28th: Mother of one of the boys prevented from eating in a mall in Belo Horizonte files a complaint for racial injury
  • December 14: Civil Police investigates case of racial injury in a hamburger shop in Belo Horizonte
  • February 6, 2021: Woman is arrested after saying ‘I’m going to screw this black man’ to military police in Greater Belo Horizonte
  • April 14: Elderly person is taken to the police station after suspicion of offense to the hair of a pharmacy employee in Uberaba; see video
  • April 24th: Municipal councilor of Contagem, in Greater Belo Horizonte, seeks police after being victim of racist attacks
  • April 25: A man has a car spray-painted with the word ‘monkey’ and reports racial insults in Teófilo Otoni, MG
  • May 5: Company is sentenced to indemnify former employee victim of racial injury in Sete Lagoas
  • June 8th: Motoboy says he was a victim of racism on a busy street in Belo Horizonte: ‘I’m black, not a monkey’
  • June 16: Civil Police opens investigation to investigate crime of racism after beauty contest in MG; listen to audio
  • July 2: Black lawyer from Belo Horizonte is target of racism during live about racial crimes; ‘talking monkeys’
  • July 16: Cosmetic store salesperson receives racist content when sending birthday message to customer: ‘I hate black people’
  • July 17th: Elderly person is detained in Uberaba on suspicion of racial injury against teenager
  • August 5: Elderly man calls woman ‘monkey’, tries to run away, but ends up imprisoned in Belo Horizonte
  • August 18: Black engineer denounces racism after photo with braids is refused for ID: ‘Inadmissible’
  • August 19th: Driver denounces taxi driver for racial injury in BH traffic: ‘I don’t accept the lack of respect’
  • August 19th: Unimed will have to indemnify in R$ 39,000 a former employee called ‘Vera Verão’ for racist offenses
  • September 1: Black trancista denounces neighbor for racist attack during fight in Belo Horizonte; ‘called me a monkey’
  • September 13th: After getting involved in a fight, a woman is arrested and commits racial slurs against the military in Uberaba: ‘Black without shame’
  • September 18: Elderly is arrested for racial injury after calling the municipal guard a ‘monkey’ in Nova Serrana
  • October 11: BH model reports racial slur after man says her hair ‘scares’: ‘I felt groundless’
  • October 21st: Black woman denounces driver for racist attacks in Belo Horizonte; ‘I don’t carry black in the car’
  • October, 23: Civil Police Opens Investigation to Investigate Racial Injuries against Mayor of Três Corações; LISTEN AUDIO
  • October 27: A woman arrested on suspicion of racial injury after preventing a black man from entering a cafeteria in the Belo Horizonte Center: ‘It hurts us’
  • November 4th: A man says he suffered racism in the workplace: ‘I’ll go all the way with justice’
  • November 12th: Teacher says that black school supervisor in Greater Belo Horizonte ‘lives in the zoo’: ‘I’ve never felt such pain,’ says victim
  • November 12th: Woman denounces ‘trash’ and ‘monkey’ curses and aggression while working at Mineirão
  • November 15: Mineira reports racism in a São Paulo nightclub: ‘I was accused of stealing a cell phone’

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