Camila Pitanga talks about bisexuality after attacks: ‘I was a general with me’ | want

Camila Pitanga

Camila Pitanga

In early October, Camila Pitanga posted the first photo of her new boyfriend, 46-year-old Philosophy teacher Patrick Pessoa. It was the announcement of the actress’ first relationship after breaking up with the artisan Beatriz Coelho, with whom she had spent most of the pandemic.

The day after the post, she was criticized and said, in a good-natured way, that the B in the acronym LGBTQIA+ was not from Beyoncé. After a while of the episode, Camila reflects on how her bisexuality ended up becoming a reason for judgments.

“Now, more than ever, we are called upon not to give up freedom, whether mine, that of those around me, or that of those who think differently from me. When people think they have the authority to be prejudiced, shameless, people can’t back down. You can’t make room for obscurantism and the judgment of others. Nothing like being as old as I am to understand that my life or the one I love isn’t about each other. It’s not a pamphlet or moral lesson for anyone. It’s just my way of living, of loving and existing. If we respect each other, we will have a more interesting, more plural life,” says the actress to “Claudia”.

At 44, by the way, Camila Pitanga reveals that she feels more whole than ever, and even more connected with her own desires. “I walk a path of maturity and aging with health, self love and acceptance of fissures and fears. Today, I face my missteps with lightness and more loving understanding than before; I was a general to myself”.

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