Camila Queiroz could have come out of ‘Secret Truths 2’ in a more honorable way; plot outcome will have a double

The troubled departure of Camila Queiroz from the cast of “Secret Truths 2”, before recording the outcome of the plot, served to reveal the main spoiler of Walcyr Carrasco’s soap opera for Globoplay: the protagonist Angel dies at the end. Dissatisfied with the direction of the story, the actress claimed that the script was changed during the recordings and wanted to guarantee her presence in an eventual third season of the work before finalizing the work that was almost completed. It was a shot in the foot. Globo classified the artist’s demands as “unacceptable contractual demands” and will produce the ending with the help of a double.

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It is natural that the actress does not agree with all the directions of her characters in a story. Especially when the outcome is death. But, as the work was almost finished, the best would have been to accept the author’s decision. Camila could have recorded Angel’s death without complaining. It would have been a more honorable exit.

Camila Queiroz
Camila Queiroz Photo: Reproduction/Rede Globo

In addition to avoiding all this confusion, the actress would get rid of the obligation to be in the next season of the soap opera. Why insist on following a plot that has already been lost? The continuation of the great “Secret Truths”, which was a big hit in 2015 and is being reruns now, is supported by a very weak plot.

Launched as an actress in the plot produced six years ago, Camila made up for her lack of experience at the time with the freshness of her interpretation. It was the great revelation of the serial. This time, she wasn’t glowing with the same intensity on Angel’s skin. The artist had been working with Globo for closed work since she made commitments to Netflix this year. She and her husband, Klebber Toledo, presented the reality “Blind Wedding” on the platform. But the big repercussion of the attraction didn’t have much to do with their presence. After acting in five soap operas on Globo, Camila gave up having, from now on, the same visibility she had on open TV.

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