Can Supla be on ‘BBB22’? The singer answers…

In an interview with O Globo newspaper, supple, who 20 years ago was at SBT’s “Casa dos Artistas”, commented on whether he would accept to be in the Camarote group of “BBB”, on TV Globo.

“I say: “If they pay me the premium (BRL 1.5 million), I enter”. I have respect for whoever wants to participate, but the exposure is great. Some people sign up and really have nothing to lose artistically. Of course, many fear to tarnish their reputation, others go crazy in there. It’s not easy. I do therapy to take care of my head, but confinement is hard. I really want to go back to working on fiction (he has already made “O Sítio do Pica Pau Amarelo” and the soap opera “Um Anjo fell from heaven”). Ricardo Waddington was my director on the telenovela, in the past. Suddenly, I do this retaking of contacts. My wish is not to do Supla. I would prefer to do a series”, he said.

Supla was also asked about Bárbara Paz. The two dated at the time of the “House of Artists”. In 2020, Supla and Bárbara Paz did a live, and he asked if any of their behavior bordered on machismo. And the actress said: “I don’t know, you have to know what machismo is for you. But, like that, many moments…”. The artist did not highlight the moments she was referring to, but Supla countered.

“I don’t even agree with her when she said that. The show itself was sexist. Silvio Santos called the girl “paw”. As I recall, I didn’t do anything sexist. In my view, no. What happened a lot was for us to discuss the relationship and she would ask, “Do you want to be with me or not?” But there I thought: “Man, we’re inside a TV show. Let me choose what I want to do!” I never put myself as the superior, as a good guy. Despite these different opinions, I have a lot of respect for Barbara. She is an actress who takes what she does very seriously. And we even did scenes together in the (Héctor) Babenco movie that she directed. Because he met her at the “Artists’ House”. So, we went back to staging in the film — he remembers, citing the film directed by the gaúcha, who became the Argentine’s widow in 2016”, he said.

Also in the interview, the musician spoke about the release of the album “SuplaEgo”.

“Supla Ego’s game is also interesting in association with Super Ego. (In the analysis, in the study of the human psyche), the super ego is what holds back the ego impulses. One of the songs on this album says “My love is blind, I don’t deny it. My blind spot I don’t reveal. I let go of my ego. I still can’t stop being eternal, from Beatles to Billy Idol.” Despite my name being there, this song is not just about me. It’s about a lot of people,” he said.

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