Cantor goes to SBT and exposes actor José de Abreu on national television: “Maior bastard”

José de Abreu
José de Abreu is attacked on SBT (Image: Reproduction / Globoplay)

José de Abreu, 75, was the target of controversial comments by Roger Moreira, lead singer of the band Rigorous outrage, this Saturday afternoon (20).

directly from Raul Gil Program, of SBT, he detonated the artist of Globe on national television by issuing a candid opinion about it.

Citing the veteran’s controversies, he called him a “scoundrel”. “He is one of the greatest scoundrels in Brazil. He’s not even a good actor”, detonated.

“Because he is part of a sealing group, he thinks he can spit on a woman, he even spit in a girl’s face in a restaurant”, said yet.

“He thinks he’s right and the rest is wrong”, completed, in a tone of revolt.

José de Abreu reveals sexual abuse

Recently, José de Abreu surprised by revealing that he was sexually abused as a teenager. In an autobiography, which will be released this week, the actor revisited the traumatic moment and detailed the situation.

According to information from the Extra newspaper, in one of the excerpts of the work, the veteran said that everything took place at the Minor Seminary Maria Imaculada, in Ribeirão Preto, when he was in his second year at the old gymnasium.

“It was during a ‘Marcelino Bread and Wine’ session that the mayor sat beside me, waited for the room to go dark, unzipped my fly, reached inside my pants, and started masturbating me just as Jesus appeared. I was terrified!”, shot the famous.

José de Abreu followed:

“I wanted it to end soon, but the scene was unbearably long. Him with his left hand on my dick and his right one inside his pants pocket, certainly pierced so he could jerk off at the same time. And then? How to commune with such a sin on the conscience?”.

In another part of the autobiography, the artist recalled a period of financial difficulties even before fame: “My money was at an end. I preferred rent, and food was in the background”.

“I would buy those little squares of Maggi or Knorr beef or chicken broth, ask for ‘yesterday bread to toast’ at the bakery and make that broth with the old bread. It was a consistent slop, just the taste was not so good. And I went hungry. Several times”, vented.

About the current work in Um Lugar ao Sol, by Globo, Abreu highlighted: “This must be one of the best roles of my career, the year I completed 75 years of life and 53 of career.”

“It was fate that these two books that I wrote and reviewed for more than four years between Paris, Greece, Rio and Auckland, were released after my return from New Zealand, after months living in the country and having gone through the biggest pandemic of mine. generation in the best place in the world. But that’s a story for another book”, he said.

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