cast fears retaliation for supporting Camila Queiroz

The resignation of Camila Queiroz surprised everyone, including the artists who are part of Verdades Secretas 2. However, for fear of retaliation by Globo, they did not speak out publicly, as most would side with the actress. The information was given by Daniel César, from Na Telinha.

According to the journalist, Camila’s colleagues considered her exemplary attitudes behind the scenes of the soap opera, and she was very dear. The actress’s sense of humor was also highlighted, as she did not complain about re-recording some scenes, despite the difficulties imposed by the pandemic.

According to the information, the majority of the cast would have sided with Camila Queiroz in this arm wrestling match with Globo. However, none of them publicly spoke out for fear of punishment by the network. The journalist also reported that some artists sent private messages to the actress.

However, Amora Mautner was not on good terms with Angel’s interpreter. They even had a friendship, but the director would not have liked an attitude from Camila. She felt betrayed for not having had a chance to help her in the negotiations to give the protagonist a dignified ending.

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