Cazuza’s mother wants Ney Matogrosso to record new songs by the singer

Lucinha Araújo, Cazuza’s mother, revealed that she wants to see Ney Matogrosso set to music the 26 unpublished lyrics left by the singer, who died in 1990. Founder of an NGO named after her only child, she said that she keeps a notebook with the compositions never recorded by him.

“I want to give it to whoever was his partner or whoever wants to and I let it set to music. My number 1 is Ney Matogrosso, but Ney is a wild animal and if he says ‘no’ I’ll send him everywhere. he has the intimacy for that. But he always ends his show singing poems by Cazuza, with the whole audience together. I love Ney, I think he’s a unique person,” she said in an interview with Quem backstage at the rehearsals of “Cazas de Cazuza”, musical which portrays the artist’s biography and re-releases today at Vivo Rio.

“He (Cazuza) deserves any honor because he was a great name that Brazil will not forget. Good things last a long time and his talent will last for many years, despite his not being physically here,” he says.

Resuming the presentation of the play more than 20 years after its first production, Lucinha also reflected on the change in the relationship of Brazilian society with HIV, a virus that in Cazuza’s case led to the development of AIDS, a disease that affects the body’s ability to fight infections.

The singer’s mother celebrated the improvement in the quality of treatment and the fact that people who develop the disease “no longer die like flies”, but regretted that the issue was placed in the “background” by authorities of the Ministry of Health.

“We did not evolve in prejudice, but in treatment we do, so much so that nowadays people die much less from AIDS”, defended her, who last year ended the activities of Sociedade Viva Cazuza, explaining that after 30 years the number of children who born with HIV became very small, leading her to decide to close the organization’s headquarters to help adults only, on an individual basis.

Also asked about a possible message for Ruth, mother of Marília Mendonça, who died at age 26 in a plane crash earlier this month, Lucinha highlighted the difficulty of facing the loss of a child.

“There is no message, because it is a pain that does not exist greater. There is no pain worse than losing a child. Cazuza left the songs as a child, and she (Ruth) will raise the grandson, which Marília left behind, as well as the beautiful songs that she composed. God gives strength, or I wasn’t alive,” concluded the philanthropist in the interview with the magazine.