Ceará draws with Atlético-GO away from home for Serie A – Play

O Ceará tied with the Atlético-GO, this Saturday (20), from 1 to 1, by the 33rd round of the Series A of the Brazilian Championship, at the Antônio Accioly Stadium, in Goiania. vina, for alvinegro, and John Paul, for the red-black team, scored the goals of the match.

With the result, Tiago Nunes’ team reached 46 points and momentarily rose to 8th place. Atlético-GO, in turn, is in the 15th position, with 40 points.

Ceará will return to the field on Thursday (25), at 8 pm (Brasilia time), against Corinthians, at Arena Castelão.

First time

With punctual embezzlements in all sectors of the field, Ceará had a discreet and bureaucratic performance during the initial 45 minutes at Estádio Antônio Accioly.

Atlético-GO, needing the victory to make room for the relegation zone, had greater game volume, but was unable to convert into clear chances. Few submissions on both sides and a very tight duel in midfield, with the referees needing to intervene.

Ceará’s best opportunities were with submissions from outside the area. Lima, in the 34th minute, sent it out, while Vina, in the 37th minute, submitted a weak finish at the hands of goalkeeper Fernando Miguel.

1st half statistics

  • Ball possession: 60% (ACG) x 40% (CSC)
  • Finishes: 4 (ACG) x 2 (CSC)
  • Corners: 7 (ACG) x 1 (CSC)
  • Absences: 7 (ACG) x 6 (CSC)
  • Trips: 7 (ACG) x 2 (CSC)
  • Intercepts: 8 (ACG) x 5 (CSC)
  • Cuts: 3 (ACG) x 22 (CSC)

Fernando Miguel was required little by the offensive sector of Ceará in the 1st half

Bruno Corsino / Atlético-GO

Second time

Ceará’s change in posture in the final stage was linked to the early goal scored by midfielder Vina, in a rehearsed free kick, at 2 minutes.

The alvinegra advantage did not persist on the scoreboard. Seven minutes after opening the marker, João Paulo, in an elaborate move by Atlético-GO on the left side, tried to equalize the result.

The club from Goiás maintained the momentum after the goal. Marcelo Cabo’s moves had an effect. Ronald – who took the place of Janderson – left Marlon Freitas, at 20 minutes, without marking, but the defensive midfielder isolated, wasting a great chance for Atlético-GO.

The Athletic team continued in search of the comeback, but sinned in submissions. Ceará, in turn, offered little risk.

João Paulo scored Atlético-GO’s equalizer in the 2nd half

Bruno Corsino / Atlético-GO

General Match Statistics

  • Ball possession: 55% (ACG) x 41% (CSC)
  • Finishes: 19 (ACG) x 5 (CSC)
  • Corners: 10 (ACG) x 1 (CSC)
  • Absences: 10 (ACG) x 21 (CSC)
  • Trips: 13 (ACG) x 9 (CSC)
  • Intercepts: 15 (ACG) x 8 (CSC)
  • Cuts: 10(ACG) x 40 (CSC)

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