Changes on the way? TIM receives purchase proposal from American KKR

Controller of the operator of the same name here in Brazil, the Italian operator TIM had revealed today through the newspaper ‘Corriere dela Serra’ the acquisition offer by the US private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (or simply KKR).

Holding 37.5% of FiberCop, another Italian operator that is also controlled by TIM, KKR forwarded the proposal to the giant’s president, Salvatore Rossi, who called an urgent meeting with the board to present the proposal received to shareholders.

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19 Nov

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Also according to Corriere, the fund would be willing to make a proposal to buy the shares available on the market in their entirety, something that is facilitated by the recent drop in the value traded on the stock exchange, something that may not please the French company Vivendi, main shareholder. of the group with 23.75% of the control.

If this movement is confirmed by KKR, it is very possible that the control of Vivendi will be put in check, considering that the potential of the American company to pass the participation of the French company is relevant.

However, there are still other variants to be considered in the negotiation, with special emphasis on the ‘Golden Share’ of the Italian government, which could bar the operation if it perceives any risk in the operation of the main technological structure currently in the country.

In any case, news should be revealed soon, considering that the proposal made by KKR asks for a response from TIM within 4 weeks, showing that the operator and the government have until the end of the year to hammer and define if they are going to accept the negotiation in question.

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