Christian leaves Barbara and goes after Lara

In Um Lugar ao Sol, Christian (Cauã Reymond) is increasingly regretting having taken the place of his twin brother, Renato. In the chapter that will air this Saturday (20), the boy looks for Lara (Andreia Horta), willing to resume the life he used to live.. But, in the small town of Pouso Feliz, the handsome guy will have a very unpleasant surprise.

In the next chapter of Um Lugar ao Sol, Christian leaves Barbara (Alinne Moraes) alone, moments after suffering a miscarriage, to seek the love of the past. The manager leaves for Pouso Feliz, forgetting everything he left behind under the identity of Renato, in order to resume his romance with Lara.

The dramatic episode of the loss of his son will make him review his life. In conversation with Ravi (Juan Paiva), the new rich man confesses: “It’s like someone else’s child. Renato’s child, maybe. But what saves me from feeling like a monster is that I still care about someone thing, with someone… I care about you”.

But when he arrives in the small town, Christian discovers that Lara is scheduled to be married to Mateus (Danton Mello). Santiago’s son-in-law (José de Abreu) ​​is devastated by the discovery of his ex-girlfriend, convinced that he will no longer be able to relive his great love.

In A Place in the Sun, Lara scares a groom at the time of the wedding

A Place in the Sun: Christian leaves Barbara and goes after Lara

Without even imagining that Christian is still alive, Lara goes up to the altar with Mateus, entitled to a white dress and a wreath of flowers instead of a veil and wreath. The cook makes her decision because she is willing to get over the loss of her boyfriend, following the advice of Noca (Marieta Severo).

The ceremony will be marked by a tense moment: Lara has a hallucination with her ex-boyfriend and balks at saying “yes”. The situation worries everyone, especially Matthew, but everything turns out well. The bride and groom exchange rings and seal the union. The scenes air in this Saturday’s chapter (20).

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