Coordinator of Doria criticizes support of toucans for Leite: ‘foxes inside the chicken coop’ – Politics

The governor’s campaign coordinator João Doria in the PSDB previews, Wilson Pedroso, criticized two toucans who declared their support for Eduardo Leite, governor of Rio Grande do Sul, in the dispute for the nomination of the presidential candidate’s party in 2022. “The foxes were inside the chicken coop,” said Pedroso.

The demonstration takes place after the president and coordinator of the PSDB’s Previous Commission, the former federal deputy Marcus Eyelash (MG) and the senator José Aníbal (PSDB-SP), announced support for Leite. Aníbal even left the coordination of the previews. Pestana already announced support for the governor of Rio Grande do Sul on Twitter this Saturday morning.

“After fulfilling my role in recent months alongside Senator José Anibal, as coordinator of the caucuses, drafting the rules, organizing debates, judging resources, I come as a founder, ex-deputy and PSDB activist to express my support for @EduardoLeite_ as the best name to lead us in 2022!”, wrote Pestana.

The ad tagged another split in the party on the eve of the choice of candidate for the Presidency of the Republic. Pedroso said the statement of support was as if “the president of the TSE, the day before the election, declared a vote for one of the candidates.” “Impressive. The foxes were inside the chicken coop,” declared Doria’s coordinator. “The president and coordinator of the Preliminary Commission, who drew up the rules (always altered with the game in progress) and judged appeals, still document the shame imposed on the PSDB. It’s mockery in the face of PSDB members.”

In the note, Pedroso also says that the group of the governor of São Paulo was surprised by “the partiality, previously veiled, now made explicit with less than 24 hours before the election”.

In response to Pedroso, senator José Aníbal defended his decision and accused the co-religionist of attacking him in an “injurious” manner. “Yesterday I handed over to the party president the role I played as coordinator of the caucuses. Then I expressed my support for Eduardo Leite. What’s the problem? Now they attack my position in an injurious way. Why did they lose in the criteria of the caucuses? Why did they lose in the fraud attempt? The real shaggy foxes seem to be uncomfortable”, he says, in a note.

In the text, the senator also says that the preliminary committee was chosen by the president of the party with the participation of representatives of the candidates, as well as the regulation of the election, approved with a “large majority (6 to 1)”.

The PSDB previews for choosing the candidate of the acronym for the Presidency are scheduled to take place this Sunday, in Brasília. The former mayor of Manaus Arthur Virgil is also in contention, along with Doria and Leite.

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