Corinthians caused a feud between Globo and SBT and won title in Mexico 40 years ago with three expulsions

Corinthians caused a dispute between the two largest broadcasters in the country and raised an international cup exactly 40 years ago. In addition, he had to deal with an arbitration that expelled three players from the club without much justification, playing in Mexico against America, that country’s giant.

This was Timão’s 2-0 scenario in the decisive match of the Feira de Hidalgo Trophy, or Quadrangular de Pachuca, a tournament that also included Argentina’s Independiente and Mexico’s Cruz Azul.

After beating the Argentines on the 18th, Timon arrived for the match on November 20th, 1981 in good condition to secure the cup. The expectation of seeing Timão there after the end of the club’s participation in Paulista was such that it caused an imbroglio among the main Brazilian TVs.

THE Globe bought the broadcasting rights for the conflict of Televisa, the main Mexican broadcaster, but the SBT, then called TVS, exclusively rented the satellite signal needed for the images to reach Brazil. That is, basically, one locked the other.

Against Independiente, two days before, the Globe prevented the competition from being broadcast live by claiming the purchase of rights for Brazil. Furious at the attitude, the SBT extended the lease of the satellite, necessary for the transmission, and blocked the possibility of reproducing the Globe. The information was reported by Folha de São Paulo.

THE Globe it also filed an injunction to be able to transmit the clash, sending a bailiff to the competitor’s headquarters minutes before the start of the duel, but it was unsuccessful. There was a threat of prosecution for damages, but the case did not progress. In the end, the biggest loser was the Corinthians fan, who could not follow the duels live.

On the field, Fiel was deprived of seeing the goals of Vagner, after a corner kick taken by Vagner, and Socrates, after the launch of Wladimir. The second goal already came with Gomes sent off for “a common foul”, according to the State of São Paulo. The referee would later send off Zenon and Biro-Biro, but America was still unable to beat goalkeeper César.

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