Day says he uses only 10% of his intelligence

The new good-natured Day since the elimination of Valentina, showed her generosity at dawn this Sunday, November 21, in conversation with MC Gui and Gui Araujo. The model from Santa Catarina once again showed her high self-esteem. The former participant of the “Gran Fratello Vip”, from Italy, said that she does not use all her power to give opportunity for other women to shine too.

“I told Aline yesterday… The power I have as a woman, I use only 10% to let other women shine even more”, began the model.

“I don’t even use all the power I have! Because if I did, it wouldn’t be nice for them. Because I have intelligence and power. There are many women who have no power and only intelligence. And there are women who have the power and have no intelligence. So, unfortunately, there are many women who want to be that woman… Who has her power, who has her intelligence…”, Dayane praised.


Dayane Mello, which has been polemicizing a lot in the rural reality, During a conversation with Mileide Mihaile this Saturday, November 20, Dayane Mello she stated that she ‘is not Brazilian’, as she has already left the country for many years. The message was intended to explain to the influencer how much the model could not get used to the format of the reality show on Record TV, with several conflicts and a ‘download’ which she was not used to.

“I left Brazil when I was 15 years old. I’m not Brazilian anymore. I did the Dance of Faustão, I did a program on the mountain, in all of them I reached the semifinals, but without humiliating, without diminishing, or anything. I’m not used to this kind of thing!” she said.

The conversation continued and the model asked if she had ever humiliated her gamemate within the program. Instead of getting the ‘never’ answer, dayane listened to a list of situations in which he had rude attitudes towards his colleague. Furthermore, she also had to deal with issues that really affected the influencer, such as when she spoke about her son.

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“That’s not what I want to talk about. I just want you to understand what I mean here, because I’m not used to living in a place with that kind of attitude from people”, he pondered when explaining the moment of exclusion he goes through in the game.

After she tore a jacket from Rico, the model became a non-grateful persona in the game and ended up losing the new alliances she was starting to build in the house. She fell out with Alagoas and Aline Mineiro and then approached other players. However, the game turned against her.


After creating high expectations of generating a shack on the Record TV reality show, Rico didn’t cause Dayane Mello, because she tore his jacket.

The weave of the blouse became so big that even rumors of the jacket being the only object that the ex-MTV inherited from his father circulated on social media. But, this proved incorrect, because he even told the pawns that the piece cost dearly. So, the conversation with the model didn’t revolve much around accidents, but on the next game plans.

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“It is God who judges and life will teach everything we do here on earth. I don’t want to see you alone. I know you miss your daughter, Juliano, I know everything. And I don’t ever want you to feel alone or excluded”, guaranteed the man from Alagoas.

In addition, the comedian talked about the attempt by other pedestrians to move away from her after the elimination of Valentina Francavilla. Rich she even visited a space so that she and Ana Luiza could work, each in their own area.

“I don’t agree with anything you do, but I never want to agree to make you feel alone here”, explained funk player Mc Gui when commenting on the attitude of him leaving her in the street, under the serene atmosphere. In addition, he highlighted how entering people’s homes is a delicate attitude.


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