Dynho and Sthe want to swap couples

Controversy! Dynho Alves even praising MC Mirella during the Polar Party in The Farm 13, did not stop exchanging affection with Sthefane Matos, for the reason that it is the reasons why MC Mirella asked for divorce from the dancer. The approach between the two has already left some pedestrians on their feet and many have given a touch. After all, the two are committed.

In addition to the supposed marijuana and the affections, the two also had a somewhat suspicious conversation while Dayane Mello was talking to Mileide Mihaile. “Are you going to tell Mirella?”, snake Sthe, while Dynho Alves laughs and responds: “I’m going to talk to her now, because the thing is like…”.


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And jokingly he asks: “I want to go to Roça soon, Rico, send me to Roça. Ô Rico, I want to leave! It’s nothing, I’m kidding. Mirella [falando para as câmeras], Sthe said something that I was interested in and now, how do we do it?”, question Dynho, while stroking the piece’s back.

Let’s make a…”, continues the pawn that is interrupted by Sthe: “Lets test?” and he continues: “Mirella, let’s do it!”. Sthe, asks if he has had any experience: “Do you know someone who…”, “will be my first”, answers the dancer who explains their relationship: “It’s because we live in a little place just for us”, he justified. “we [ele e Mirella] it shares everything, I tell her everything and she tells me everything, it’s always been like that. We’ve already talked about it, but never, right?”.

On the internet, the public suspects they may be talking about a exchange of couples or one threesomes, which is when three people have sex at the same time. Clear your doubts with the following video:

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