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Former Minister Sergio Moro
Outside the government, former minister still attracts pocketnaristas (photo: Evaristo Sa/AFP)

After announcing the affiliation to the We can, former judge Sergio Moro is in intense articulation with alliances with other parties. In these conversations there is room for former allies of president jair Bolsonaro. Just this week, Moro met with PSL deputies and with Ovasco Resende and Eurpides Junior, presidents of Patriotas and Pros, respectively.

For the deputy Jnior Bozzella (PSL-SP), who met this week with Moro in Braslia, President Jair Bolsonaro abdicated the electoral commitments of 2018. “The low popularity [do presidente] It is a stratum of the public policies he succumbed to. These are expensive commitments to our convictions. Moro has presented itself with anti-corruption guidelines and we have this synergy and that is why we are close,” says the congressman.

The deputy says that, for the last 50 days, he has been holding dialogues with the former minister. According to the congressman, Moro would have asked him to accompany the movements of the MBL with the intention of “evaluating who our people are, so that we can look for unity up ahead”. Bozzela also assesses that the name of the former minister is the one with the most chances of taking off in the third way.

The fellow with the subtitles, Delegado Waldir (GO), says that, although he admires Jair Bolsonaro, his identification with Sergio Moro is greater. “I have great affection and respect for Bolsonaro, we were together in 2018. But before Bolsonaro, I’m very fond of Moro. I identify with the agenda”, he says. “Doctor Sergio Moro is a myth for us, a different person and he was able to put convicted of corruption in jail. He is starting to build a good project”, he praises.

The deputy claims that he did not break with Bolsonaro. When the candidacies are signed, support any of the candidates. “I was the one who brought Bolsonaro to Gois and invited Moro to come and release his book in Goinia. Let’s see what goes ahead, but surely one of the two will be my president”, says Delegado Waldir.

In the assessment of Carlos Pereira, a professor at FGV EBAPE, the former judge assimilated the political game. “Moro understands that the Brazilian multiparty political system is that it is very difficult for the president to [Bolsonaro] having seats in Parliament”, he comments. “The fact that Moro, soon after his affiliation, started talking to these parties is a sign of maturity and understanding. It shows that he is competitive to the point that former allies or people close to the president already consider him as presidential,” he adds.

According to Cristiano Noronha, political scientist at Arko Advice, Moro has been making moves to win over voters who are unhappy with the president and is making some gestures to the core voters. “Moro knows that, for him to grow in the polls, he has to win over important groups in the electorate. At the same time he waves at these people, he knows he needs to send strong signals to the market, which is why Affonso Celso Pastore revealed [ex-presidente do Banco Central]. In his speech, Moro walks through different types of electorate. It shows that you will have to talk about something other than corruption and car wash. Adopt a correct strategy at this moment, but I don’t know if it will be enough”, he analyzes.

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