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This Sunday, 11/21, young people from all over Brazil will take the first test of the National High School Exam, O Enem 2021. The test was created in 1998, with the aim of evaluating the performance of students who are completing basic education. In 2009, the exam began to be used as a mechanism for students to enter universities.

Many artists, in addition to being trained in Performing Arts, attended other colleges and took entrance exams. O gshow made a list of artists who have already revealed to have done Enem; look!

Graduated in Advertising and Propaganda, the singer entered the university after securing a 100% scholarship through her high score that was so high in the National High School Exam.

IZA debuts at the Multishow Award presentation — Photo: Divulgação/Juliana Coutinho

The singer graduated in 2019 in Marketing, but, before that, she went to another college. Before his musical career, his good performance at Enem ensured that he entered two courses: Civil Engineering and Mathematics.

Lexa — Photo: Disclosure

In 2015, Sophie even took the Enem test to try to study Literature or Philosophy.

Sophie Charlotte — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

In 2014, Lilia Cabral’s daughter took her first Enem at the age of 17 to try for a place in the Language course.

Lilia Cabral and her daughter, Giulia Bertolli — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Dividing your time between the soap opera recordings fine print, Bianca was placed first in the general classification of the entrance exam at the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, UERJ, in 2012. And with her good result at Enem, she also won a place for the Chemical Engineering course at UFRJ and at PUC-Rio .

Bianca Salgueiro — Photo: Raphael Dias/Gshow

In 2016, at age 16, Giulia took the National High School Exam thinking about studying Social Communication or Law.

Giulia Costa — Photo: Disclosure

The actress, who played Flaviana Fitness 2013 and Clara in eternal magic, took the exam in 2015, at 17 years old. She even played on social media after completing the test: “It’s over! I’m free!”.

Anna Rita Cerqueira — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Giulia Bertolli follows the example of a fellow actress and offers free Literature classes

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