Escobar debuts as the father of the Fantástico horses after a message from Tadeu – 11/21/2021

Tonight, Alex Escobar debuts in place of Tadeu Schmidt in the presentation of the goals of the Brazilian Championship at Fantástico, interacting with the famous horses of the teams. In conversation with the UOL Sport, the presenter spoke about the preparation to assume the role and told about the conversation he had with the new commander of Big Brother Brazil.

“I didn’t think I would receive this invitation, but I realized I had an opportunity and I felt prepared for it despite knowing that there are so many good people, who could occupy this space too. The interaction with the little horses is super fun to do, I always thought the It’s cheaper to see Tadeu doing it and, with time, I’ll also have this intimacy with my ‘new friends'”, highlighted Escobar.

The little horses of Fantástico are characters already enshrined in the sports framework of the Sunday program. According to Escobar, in order to stay in tune with his new companions, he has held several meetings and chats with the actors who guide the puppets.

“I’ve been talking a lot with the actors who play the horses and with the team that writes and edits the goals. I followed Tadeu and the closing of the ‘Fantástico’ goals in recent weeks to understand the scheme. I’ve been living the process in recent weeks” , commented the journalist.

On his farewell, Tadeu was very moved and remembered viewers who started to like football precisely because of the existence of the horses. For Escobar, creating the characters is one of the “big successes” of his predecessor and Fantástico’s team.

“Fantastico’s goals are more than the little horses, but everyone talks about the little horses. The empathy, the size they have inside the frame is impressive. I know that and they will continue to have that size. Why we make television for the people and if the people like the little horses they will continue to shine and be protagonists of the picture”, he stressed.

Tadeu Schmidt will leave Fantástico once and for all in 2022 to dedicate himself to the BBB presentation, replacing Tiago Leifert, who left Globo. For this reason, Escobar will still have his predecessor very close for about a month, which will be an opportunity for further learning.

“Tadeu sent me an emotional message when he knew I was going to replace him, giving me a lot of strength. Since then, we’ve exchanged a lot of ideas. He received me very well, shared the points of attention so that everything went as planned. he has been affectionate, present, considerate, giving me strength that will make all the difference for me to carry on with this job so well done by him for so long,” said Escobar, who highlighted the joy of replacing his colleague.

“I feel flattered, very proud. It’s a very successful painting, in a super relevant program. It has a vibe that I like, with a little humor and entertainment. I feel flattered, really, to have been chosen. I’ve already been chosen. I had replaced Tadeu at ‘Bom Dia Brasil’ in 2008 and I felt as challenged as I am now. It’s great to continue what Tadeu was doing at ‘Fantástico’. Tadeu is a genius, he’s so good. happy to continue this legacy,” he added.