Ex-BBB Flay shocks when defending Dayane after attacks in The Farm 2021

Ex-BBB Flay commented on Dayane’s controversies (Image: Playback / Instagram)

the ex-BBB Flay decided to use your Twitter profile in this friday (19), to comment on the attacks that Dayane Mello has been suffering because of attitudes in The Farm 2021. The singer came out in defense of the model.

“Day killed someone inside the Farm, was it? I’m not following the program, I just see what comes out on the net and it’s always so cruel, so terrible to see people attacking someone like that, it was like that with me, wasn’t it? What a rottenness my God, inside I don’t see ANY SAINT just one attacking the other”, commented the ex-sister.

Flay still said: “One attacks and the other fights back, one goes up, the other rips off a coat, one cries, the other screams, because it only weighs on one side forever? You are losing the scruples and the notion, you exaggerate too much, go beyond the limits, it’s ridiculous, take it easy, judge by voting and that’s it, it doesn’t take so much”.

“Have more maturity to watch reality, you massacre too much! When people leave, they reflect mistakes, learn, evolve, have no saints and I’m not defending either side because I’m not watching. Plus every reality show, you judge as if you were murderers inside”, criticized the ex-BBB.

This week, it should be remembered, Dayane was heavily criticized for tearing Rico’s coat, after a major argument with him at headquarters.

The ex-BBB Flay also wrote on her profile: “No, people, I don’t agree with hate bastards and the filthy ones I read about ANYONE. I agree with not accepting certain behaviors, judging even pointing them out because, after all, it’s the goal of the game, but I read every disgusting thing, and I’ve been against this cancellation for a long time!”.

“And don’t be crazy that I’m not defending anyone specifically just attacking your rotten attacks on ANYONE, you are not GOD! That’s why you freak out, right? The problem is, I DON’T CARE!”, completed.

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