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Ex-The Voice talks about how life changed after revealing he has HIV

Ex-The Voice talks about how life changed after revealing he has HIV

Singer and ex-The Voice Leandro Buenno, who will play Cazuza in the musical “Cazas de Cazuza”, revealed how life has changed after publicly telling that he has HIV.

Leandro Buenno, in an interview with Gshow, said that he preferred to live without taboos in order to demystify HIV and show his followers that being HIV positive is not a death sentence.

“It is very interesting for us to talk about HIV in 2021, which was a death sentence 20/30 years ago. Today, it is completely far from that reality. If you live with HIV very well and it is no longer a sentence, thank God. It’s really crazy for me to watch and also experience this story from another perspective. I’ve been living with HIV since 2017 and I talk about it in the play, from a different perspective, of someone who loses a person who discovers they have AIDS and can’t deal with it. that mentally,” said Leandro.

The singer, who will marry the influencer Rodrigo Malafaia in 2022, explained that he encourages conversation on the subject so that people seek treatment as soon as possible. “If the diagnosis is positive, you have to take care of yourself, seek a doctor immediately and start treatment, which is very simple today. Living with HIV is like living with diabetes, without wanting to romanticize anything. But it is really to try to remove this stigma that still exists.”, he continued in an interview with Gshow.

For Leandro, there is no regret in passing on his experience as an HIV carrier to followers and strangers. “I always try to pass on my experience. The way I live, which I think is the best way to deal with this subject. I’m not a doctor, so I don’t prescribe anything for anyone, but I always put forward that it’s a normal life, to inspire people to go through something that they have to go through, in whatever way they feel most comfortable, in their own time. But the time for treatment never has to be left behind. Speaking openly gave me a lot of strength, it made me happy. It’s wonderful to see the feedback from people, affection on social networks. It was positive.”, he added.

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