FAB denies having transported Olavo de Carvalho to the United States

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) released a statement at dawn this Sunday (21/11), denying that it had transported the “guru” of pocketnarism Olavo de Carvalho to the United States, on November 13th. On Saturday (11/20), writer Daniela Abade published a series of tweets that pointed out that the online philosophy professor had hitchhiked on FAB aircraft to hurriedly return to the US, after health treatment by the Unified Health System (SUS) in Brazil.

The Air Force called the assumptions raised “flight and irresponsible comments.” “The Institution reiterates that it did not transport any passenger, including Mr. Olavo de Carvalho, in the stretch in question. Only the crew who fulfilled the mission were on board”, says the statement from the FAB.

“The FAB repudiates and does not accept the assumption that it would have participated in any passenger transport in an irregular or hidden manner. All of the Institution’s acts are guided by compliance with the law and from the perspective of transparency. The disclosure of untruths, without proper investigation, must be fought, as it contributes to the disinformation of society”, reinforces the text of the statement.

Return to USA

Last week, after being discharged from his fourth hospitalization in 2021, Olavo de Carvalho returned to Virginia, where he lives in the US. He was in Brazil since July this year for medical treatment. The philosopher decided to return home before being called to testify in the case that investigates whether he was favored in the SUS queue.

In a video posted on his social networks, Olavo said that his return to American territory was sudden and that he didn’t even have time to say goodbye to the hospital’s doctors and nurses. “I was in the hospital and they offered me a sudden flight in 15 minutes. I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity”, he apologized.

PT parliamentarians defended an investigation to investigate the case. Deputy Jorge Solla (PT-BA) said he would ask in the Financial Inspection and Control Commission of the Chamber the summons of the commander of the FAB to explain the accusations.

The commander of the Air Force, Brigadier Carlos Almeida Baptista Júnior, responded to a tweet by the deputy, placing himself at the disposal of Congress.

minister involvement

In Daniela Abade’s tweets, she alleges that Olavo would have used a plane assigned to the Minister of Communications, Fábio Faria. Also on Saturday, Faria reacted saying that he didn’t know Olavo and called the assumptions “crazy” and “daydreaming”.

In the note, the FAB also denied having requested secrecy on flights designated for the transport of ministers of state in order to omit viewing on monitoring sites.

Long Island landing

According to the Air Force, the landing at Mac Arthur airport on Long Island, one of the suspicions raised by writer Daniela Abade, was scheduled because of restriction of the apron at JFK airport.

“Since it is a place of great movement, the American authorities request that the time of stay on the ground of aircraft that do not regularly operate in that location is, at most, 2 hours, which would make the direct journey to this airport unfeasible”, justifies the FAB.

The landing on Long Island would have been considered due to the fact that it is already a place commonly used as a support base by the FAB on trips to New York and because the airport is approximately 59 kilometers and about 10 minutes from the destination. “The decision to land at Mac Arthur airport was also added to the fact that the entire process of immigration of the crew was possible and that there were no passengers on board the aircraft.”

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