Fátima Bernardes performs her first physiotherapy session

Fatima Bernardes shared some videos on your Instagram this Friday (19), showing her first aquatic physiotherapy session in the pool, after undergoing shoulder surgery in October.

In the records, the presenter of ‘Encontro’ appears wearing a black bathing suit next to her physiotherapist. “Then I’ll show you how it was. Friday! Each one as he can”, wrote Fátima in the subtitles of the videos.


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Fátima Bernardes (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)
Fátima Bernardes (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Return to the Meeting

Due to the surgery, Fátima Bernardes needed to be away from the ‘Encontro’ program for a few weeks. However, the famous has already announced the date on which it will return for TV Globo’s morning attraction: November 22nd!

“Hi guys! I’m here because I have great news. On Monday, I’m back to the Gathering. I’m very happy to be back”, she said in a video posted on Instagram Stories.

In sequence, the presenter commented on her recovery: “It was a difficult period, with a lot of exercise. In fact, over the past two weeks, I’ve been able to exercise better. Before, I had my arm very still. But I am very happy. It still won’t be possible to do too many mischiefs. This little arm will have to get up and the other will stay right here”, she explained. “But it will be great to be with you again. A kiss and see you Monday”, added.

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