First woman elected president of Palmeiras, Leila promises club close to fans

Officially elected this Saturday afternoon, Leila Pereira will be the first president of Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras. Moments after the publication of the voting results, in her first interview, the owner of Crefisa/FAM promised to keep the club close to its fans.

“It’s a huge honor, this is historic. In the 107-year history of this giant team, today a woman is being elected as the club’s first president. I think it can be an example for all determined people, fighters and with goals, regardless of gender”, said Leila.

The slate headed by Leila Pereira, dubbed “Palmeiras de Todos”, also has Maria Tereza Ambrósio Bellangero and Neive Conceição Bulla de Andrade as vice-presidents. Paulo Roberto Buosi and Tarso Luiz Furtado Gouveia complete the group.

“I was always determined. When you are a person who knows what you want and where you want to go, there is no limit. So it’s a great pride for me and, I’m sure, for all women. Guys, women from my Brazil and the world, we can do what we want”, she added.

The only candidate in the elections held at the headquarters of Palmeiras, Leila Pereira received 1,897 of the 2,141 possible votes and there were 244 whites. Supported by Maurício Galiotte, she starts her term in practice on December 15th with clear objectives.

“The big priority is always to fight for a winning team. Another pillar of my campaign has always been the fans’ proximity to their team. Palmeiras will be where their fans are. How will I do this? Giving the fans conditions to watch the game, buy a shirt, stay close to their team”, he declared.

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