Flamengo is in war operation and has a structure set up in Uruguay for the Libertadores final | Flamengo

The ball rolls to the Libertadores final at 17:00 on the 27th, but Flamengo’s preparation outside the four lines started a long time ago. Supported by the experiences of 2019, in Lima, the club set up a war operation so that Renato Gaúcho and the players have the best structure possible and only need to worry about how to beat Palmeiras.

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Libertadores – Palmeiras x Flamengo — Photo: Reproduction Twitter

The high level of demand from the time of Jorge Jesus was maintained. Supervisor Gabriel Skinner made two technical visits to Montevideo to prepare the entire structure that will be used by the players during the period in the Uruguayan capital.

– The degree of demand of athletes and Flamengo demands that we always look for the best, whether in our daily lives or when traveling. Our trip to Uruguay was precisely to assess the available structure and fix whatever was necessary. We believe that everything will be properly prepared, after the technical visits and our requests. The experience of 2019 helped a lot when it came to planning and evaluations – Skinner told ge.

After the first trip, in early October, the main concern was with the athletes’ accommodation in the hotel indicated for Conmebol, considered below the standard that the team was used to.

In Lima, for example, the location for the 2019 final, the hotel chain is of better quality, and Flamengo had 100 rooms at its disposal. In Montevideo, Conmebol initially offers 53 rooms, but, even before the semifinal, the club anticipated and reserved another 15. Finally, it got seven more and will have a total of 75 rooms – each athlete stays in an individual apartment.

Centenário Stadium, stage of the Libertadores final — Photo: Reproduction twitter

Conmebol also had many difficulties in organizing the event in Montevideo, and internally there is concern about the risk of fans facing problems arising from the small structure at the airport, the offer of restaurants, hotel chain, etc.

Due to the limited availability of seats, a flight with board members will only leave Rio de Janeiro on the day of the final, for example.

Given this scenario, it was necessary to seek solutions to try to get closer to the reality that players have in the Vulture’s Nest and that they found in the 2019 final.

  • The hotel in Montevideo has a small gym, which was transformed and expanded with synthetic grass to become a medical department with a large physiotherapy area and massage room..
  • Normally, a room is available for clothes, but, to save space, a room was adapted in the hotel’s basement to receive about 1 ton of material, which represents almost triple what normally exists in CT, even because it is a trip. with a stopover of two games in Porto Alegre.
  • The hotel is being used by Bragantino to dispute the final of the Sudamericana. Flamengo’s partner logistics company also works for the São Paulo team, and will have the chance to correct possible deficiencies that are still found, such as in the food sector, for example.
  • The theme of food was one of the ones that most worried Flamengo after the first visit. The perception was that the hotel would not be able to meet the demand for the five meals a day for the delegation of 75 people (limit given by Conmebol to finalists) within the club’s standards.

Therefore, it was decided that the hotel would hire four more employees, and Flamengo will take his cook along with an assistant. They go ahead of the team to get everything organized.

  • Another recurring concern on travel is water quality. Athletes only consume mineral water and juices in a box, to avoid possible contamination.

Peñarol Stadium where Flamengo will train in Uruguay — Photo: Reproduction official website

Club sets up gym at Peñarol stadium

  • At the end of 2019, Jorge Jesus’ main concern was the lack of privacy in training. It was solved with sidings. In Montevideo, the structure for the activities was pleasing, even because of the good reception that Peñarol had with Flamengo.
  • The idea, again, was to bring what exists in the Vulture’s Nest. Flamengo will create an on-site gym with rented equipment requested for physical preparation. Everything will be set up after Peñarol’s game (Monday) and will be ready when the rubro-negro athletes arrive.
  • In the evaluation made, the lawn was considered to be of excellent level. Flamengo has already left the guidelines on the amount of irrigation in the field, and on Wednesday morning the last cut of the grass will be made at the height desired by the club. In the afternoon, Renato already leads the first training session.
  • The entire list of training material requested by Flamengo will be provided by Conmebol: goals, stakes, cones, dolls…
  • The club will also have at its disposal a physiotherapy room with five stretchers. All equipment, which is portable, will be taken away.
  • In a final, every detail counts. Even the travel time from the hotel to the stadium where the training will take place was timed at different times (and transit times). Everything to avoid delays. Conmebol only provides one bus, but Flamengo will rent a second “backup”.

Flamengo will land in Montevideo at an air base — Photo: Alexandre Vidal/Flamengo

Renovated Centenary Stadium

  • Although the Centenário stadium is old, Flamengo believes it will find good conditions in the dressing room, which have been renovated, and the lawn, which has been replanted. The place deserved special attention from Conmebol for the final of the men’s, women’s and South American Libertadores.

Disembarkation with exclusive service

  • If fans run the risk of catching long lines at immigration because of the increase in the number of flights, Flamengo should have no problems. A meeting was held and the delegation will arrive at the air base that is next to the airport, and will have an exclusive immigration service. From there to the hotel it is just a two-minute bus ride.