Flamengo performances: David Luiz saves the team, and Andreas scores a nice goal | Flamengo

Diego Alves (GOL): he worked a lot against Inter’s large number of submissions and made some good saves. No blame in goal. Grade: 6.5

Islam (LAD): it was below the level of the rest of the team, especially in the first half, when it gave some defensive hesitations. It was less attacking than usual. Grade: 5.0

Rodrigo Caio (ZAG): got along well with David Luiz. The defender returned to the team after a calf edema and gave the impression of having been more cautious in the 1 x 1 duels. Grade: 6.0

David Luiz (ZAG): a great performance. In addition to the ball he saved on the line, he made important tackles from above and below and had the quality he always had to start playing. Grade: 7.5

Filipe Luís (LAE): usual serenity to find spaces to get the team out of the defense field. He appeared less than usual in the middle to set up the moves. Grade: 6.0

Aaron (VOL): at times he seemed overwhelmed to try to stop Inter’s counterattacks. He made some important tackles, especially in the second half. Grade: 6.0

Andreas Pereira (VOL): good performance, especially in the first half, with movement and arrival at the front. Awarded a goal. Grade: 7.0

Everton Ribeiro (MEI): was very active in creating the plays and assisted Andreas. In the first half, he suffered a penalty not scored by the referee. Grade: 7.0

Vitinho (MEI): he had a lot of freedom and was participative. In some moments, he made wrong choices when giving the dribble/pass/submission. It was right in Gabigol’s goal. Grade: 6.5

The Voice of the Fans - Arthur Muhlenberg: "Normal victory.  I only think about Liberators"

The Voice of the Fans – Arthur Muhlenberg: “Normal victory. I only think about Libertadores”

Michael (ATA): a lot of effort in recomposing and daring to try dribbling. This time, he couldn’t be productive, as he had some wrong choices at crucial moments. Grade: 6.0

Gabigol (ATA): scored a beautiful goal and had intensity in the match. He lost a good chance and in another move opted to finish with a small angle when the best option was the pass to Everton. Grade: 6.5

David Luiz in Internacional x Flamengo — Photo: Pedro H. Tesch/AGIF

Kenedy (ATA): entered in the 24th of the second half in place of Vitinho. It gave the team more breath from the sides. He even scored a goal, which was disallowed. Grade: 6.0

Rodinei (LAD): again climbed more advanced by the right end. He created plays in the spaces given by Inter, which became disorganized in the final part of the game. Grade: 6.5

Matheus (LAD): came in at 30 minutes and helped to hold the colorada pressure attempt at the end. Grade: 6.0

Arrascaeta (MEI): took an important test after so long injured. He entered in the 30th minute and during the time he was on the field he distributed passes and tried not to push too much. Grade: 6.0

Ramon: Came in at the end. no grade

— Photo: Disclosure