G-7, G-8 or G-9? How is the Brasileirão with the Athletico title at the Sudamericana | soccer

With the achievement, Hurricane is guaranteed in the group stage of Libertadores 2022. For the G-6 to become the G-9, Hurricane would have to be among the top eight, as well as the champions of the Libertadores (Flamengo or Palmeiras) and the Copa do Brasil (Athletico and Atlético-MG).

Athletico is currently 13th in Serie A, with 41 points, nine below Corinthians, which opens the G-6, and four below Fluminense, which is eighth. There are five rounds until the end of the Brasileirão.

Of the Libertadores finalists, Flamengo is already mathematically guaranteed in the G-6, while Palmeiras has a good advantage for the seventh place (12 points) and close to completing the place for the Brasileirão. With that, the G-6 should really become G-7.

Also already guaranteed in Libertadores 2022, the leader Atlético-MG can make the G-8 materialize in the Brasileirão with a title in the Copa do Brasil.

If the same club wins two titles, it will open a spot for Libertadores within the Brasileirão. That is, the runners-up Libertadores and Copa do Brasil will not have guaranteed places at Libertadores 2022.

At first, Brazilian football had seven spots in the 2022 Libertadores, for the champion of the Copa do Brasil and the top six in the Brasileirão. With the conquest of Athletico and two Brazilians in the Liberta final, the country will have nine representatives in the next Libertadores.

The Libertadores final, between Flamengo and Palmeiras, will be next Saturday, November 27, at the Centenário stadium, in Montevideo. And the final of the Copa do Brasil, between Athletico and Atlético-MG, with the first game on December 12, at Mineirão, and the return on December 15, at Arena da Baixada.

Brazilian Championship G-6 G-7 G-8 G-9 Carousel Arte — Photo: Arte/ge

The top six players in Brasileirão who do not go to Libertadores will guarantee their place in the 2022 South American Championship. Currently, the places go from seventh to 12th place. If the G-6 becomes the G-9 for the Libertadores, the vacancies in the Sul-Americana will go from the 10th to the 15th of the Brasileirão.

Check out what the Brasileirão regulation says

If a club obtains access to the 2022 Libertadores through one of the two continental competitions (in the event of winning the 2021 Libertadores or the 2021 Sudamericana) and also through one of the national competitions (Brasileirão 2021 or Copa do Brasil de 2021), this club will occupy the spot allocated to Conmebol, with spot 6 coming from the Brasileirão 2021 or the Copa do Brasil 2021, as the case may be, being transferred to the best-placed club in the championship, excluding clubs already classified.

If a club obtains access to the 2022 Libertadores through the Copa do Brasil and also through the Brasileirão, this club will occupy the vacancy allocated to the Copa do Brasil, with the vacancy from the Brasileirão being transferred to the best placed club in the championship, excluding clubs already classified.