Geraldo Luís is hospitalized in SP and undergoes cardiac surgery

Geraldo Luíand the medical team that operated on it on Friday night (19)

Geraldo Luís and the medical team that operated on him on Friday night (19)

Geraldo Luís was rushed into hospital on Friday night (19) and underwent emergency heart surgery. The presenter of the Balance Sheet, from Record, said that fatty plaques were found in the arteries of his heart after going through a week with uncontrolled diabetes. The procedure was performed and he is already at home, recovering.

“I underwent several tests and a cardiac catheterization, which diagnosed obstructive fatty plaques in the arteries of my heart (coronary). My diabetes a few weeks ago was out of control, and everyone knows how careful I am. My pressure during the week was also high.” , wrote the presenter on his Instagram profile.

It was a strange pain in the chest that motivated Geraldo to seek help. He had already been feeling unwell all week, but he contacted the doctor Ludhmila Hajjar as soon as he realized it could be something more serious.

And once again he got an ear tug from the professionals who accompany him. Because he has diabetes, Geraldo is a patient in the Covid-19 risk group, and earlier this year he was hospitalized for several days after presenting complications from the disease caused by the new coronavirus.

Due to this new heart problem, he will now have to adapt his diet, resume a physical exercise routine and adopt a healthier lifestyle to avoid new setbacks.

“I’m already at home and well. Life goes on and once again God is saving me. Thank you to my son who always remains as my ground at these very important times”, commented the presenter.

Check Geraldo Luís’s publication about his emergency surgery

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