Globo’s revolt makes Camila Queiroz suffer two casualties from the schedule; know everything!

Camila Queiroz
Camila Queiroz is left out of Fantástico’s frame and from Globo’s year-end vignette after leaving VS II (Image: Press Release / Globo)

because of the departure of Camila Queiroz in Secret Truths 2, O Fantastic gained a headache. The actress was the star of the friend-hidden, traditional year-end picture of the electronic magazine. Because of this, the program team closed a new recording.

According to information from Metrópoles, Fantástico went to Juliette Freire, champion of BBB 2021, who participated in the dynamic with Camila. The first part of the game was recorded days ago and the second part was scheduled for last week.

However, Camila Queiroz’s situation with Globo’s directors hindered the recording. Due to the shutdown, the recording did not take place.

Also according to the report, the interpreter of the character Angel was barred from the end-of-the-year vignette, filmed on October 21st and 22nd. Some famous people, who participated in the work with Camila, reacted backstage with fear of being left out.

output backstage

Camila’s renewal with Globo, according to Notícias da TV, would be linked to her request that Angel not be murdered at the end of VS II.

More than that: that she was part of the 3rd season of the telenovela, which has not yet been confirmed, and that she could make a guess about the telenovela’s publicity plan.

Globo did not accept and therefore highlighted in its statement that, “to sign the contract extension necessary for the recording of the final scenes of the telenovela”, Camila Queiroz “wanted to determine the outcome of the character Angel and demanded a formal commitment that he would be part of an eventual third season of the work, in addition to other unacceptable contractual demands”.

The situation became untenable when the VS II model interpreter missed a recording. She left colleagues and staff upset.

On Wednesday (17), shortly after Globo’s announcement of termination, she exhibited an image taking an IV after her medical certificate was questioned.

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