Horoscope of the Day: Forecasts for November 21, 2021 | Prediction and Stars

Marcelo Dallas



The Sun says goodbye to Scorpio and enters Sagittarius at night: a good time for deeper and more philosophical matters. Furthermore, the Moon aligns with Jupiter: count on more optimism and self-confidence, motivation to cultivate freedom, a taste for adventure, high ideals. Intuition is sharpened, transcendental subjects and learning are favored. It’s worth looking for innovations and new knowledge, it’s time to expand horizons. Seek to connect with positive and inspiring teachings.


Continue to align common projects, clarify doubts and establish partnership projects. Cultivate good understanding, commitment and responsibility. Venus and Mars go hand in hand: your social skills must be cultivated so you can move forward and join forces. You can dialogue, find answers to important questions, investigate and elucidate puzzles. The art of sharing and balancing personal goals, needs and desires with those you love are themes that are gaining attention.


Period of expansion, optimism and enthusiasm, as long as you prioritize obligations and cultivate perseverance. The Sun enters Sagittarius, inspiring space and freedom, but without letting go of responsibility. The desire to embrace more, to expand their horizons, grows. Focus on seeking self-knowledge and expanding awareness. Ideas, concepts and beliefs must always be renewed. Important insights remain on the agenda. A good time to see where it’s worth investing your efforts.


Higher teachings and exchanges with distant regions are activated by the entry of the Sun into Sagittarius. It’s time to expand your worldview to grow and progress. Studies, specialization courses, travels and adventures are benefited. Invest in good humor and enthusiasm. New opportunities can arise at any time. The search for self-knowledge, high and philosophical studies lead to expansion of consciousness and maturity. They refine wisdom, ethics and responsibility.


The Sun enters Sagittarius, a period of more enthusiasm begins, ideal for seeking more knowledge, new cultures and new paths. In addition, the Moon aligns with Jupiter: you can search for wide and airy places, search, expand the view of the world. Good time to delve into some subject. You can also cultivate more freedom, leave behind something that holds you back or holds you back. A good time to study, exchange ideas, make invitations, visit places and promote exchanges.


The more self-confidence, commitment, and perseverance you can cultivate, the greater your progress. With the entry of the Sun into Sagittarius, it becomes easier to believe in yourself, in your abilities and in your creations. Take the opportunity to take new initiatives, set goals or do something new. The key is to cultivate competence and determination. Take the time to organize yourself. Also a good time to investigate deeper issues. Watch out for transformative ideas and revealing insights.


It is time to transform, revitalize, restore, rebuild, overcome old limitations in order to grow. Venus and Mars go hand in hand: try to put your soul into everything you do. Cultivate affection, attention and availability. These attitudes can open paths and make all the difference. Meanwhile, the Sun enters Sagittarius, inspiring enthusiasm. The spirit of adventure, travel and philosophical matters are activated. Good time to plan together, invest in new courses, studies and learning.


Venus follows in harmony with Mars: it is time for more pleasure and seduction. Take the opportunity to clear your heart, have more capacity to express yourself. Try to demonstrate your talents, skills and competences, with more credibility and responsibility. At the same time that it invests in self-esteem, freedom and optimism are highlighted with the entry of the Sun into Sagittarius. Here comes a period of more opportunities, both in love and in finances.


The Sun enters your sign today, each day your confidence and vitality grow. Little by little, the sky opens up for you to perceive the extension of the territory and find solutions. Ideal time to cultivate the awakening of Higher Consciousness, so you can invest in projects that bring improvements to a large number of people. Favorable period for dialoguing, clarifying matters, investigating and researching. Renovations, understandings and changes are still on the agenda. It’s time to delve deeper into your soul.


The order is to modify, transform, recycle emotional waste. The Sun enters Sagittarius, while the Moon enters Aquarius, inspiring the expansion of knowledge. It’s time to look ahead, renew ideas, promote their growth, learn and embrace more. The desire is to chart new directions, to grow professionally. Invest in spiritual growth too! The next phase will be of important submissions. Many conclusions will be made, reformulations will be made until your birthday.


Travel, adventures, higher studies, philosophical subjects are favored. The Sun enters expansive Sagittarius tonight, marking a period of more excitement and the pursuit of new knowledge. It’s time to let yourself be invaded by innovative currents, to invest in new projects, seek more creative solutions, free yourself from limiting situations. It’s time to broaden your view of the world. But try to make a list of priorities, so that you can make the best use of your enthusiasm.


Take the opportunity to philosophize, think big and promote exchanges with the world. The Sun enters Sagittarius at night: you can think about what you can do to grow in your career, professional recognition will soon follow. This is not a good time to accumulate multiple activities or do too many things at once. It is worth writing down the most important commitments and goals. After work, you can schedule cultural activities or outdoor walks, preferably close to nature for inspiration.