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Anyone who sees Denilson showing charisma and good humor alongside Renata Fan during the presentation of the Jogo Aberto na Band, cannot imagine the pain caused by the family dramas that the former five-time world champion player with the Brazilian team went through.

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Denilson appeared on his social networks to make a statement. Always showing how much he loves his wife, Luciele di Camargo, the former player made a text for Zezé di Camargo’s sister, but also shared rare photos of his relationship with the former model.

At first, the presenter explained that the first image of the carousel referred to their first meeting, an incredible 14 years ago. By the way, the affectionate message in question refers to the famous woman’s birthday, who turned 44 years old.

“EVERYTHING STARTED AT THIS 1st MEETING . Between the 1st photo of us ‘that we hadn’t stayed yet’ and the last photo, 14 years passed by colonel di camargo @lucieledicamargo”, began Denilson.

Then, Renata Fan’s colleague made it clear that words would not be enough to express his feelings for his wife, and congratulated her on the special date. In fact, the publication made by the ace was liked by more than 220 thousand people.

“Everything I write here won’t be enough… Happy birthday colonel di camargo @lucieledicamargo I can only wish you health because you have plenty of strength.”, wrote Denilson. “Gratitude for the WOMAN, MOTHER AND WIFE THAT YOU ARE . ”, completed.

family drama

Denilson recently thrilled his followers by participating in the ‘Flow Sport Club’ podcast. In summary, the mother of the São Paulo broadcaster’s commentator, Dona Amélia, was recently diagnosed with cancer, which ended up completely changing the routine of her entire family.

“It’s happened that I arrived home and cried a lot in my wife’s arms, because in front of my mother I couldn’t cry, I couldn’t show that I was shaken”. explained the presenter. “I came home exhausted. I could only count on her support. Luciele [Di Camargo] was very firm tip with me. I was coming from Band at the time, so my sister called me and told me about the diagnosis”, he added.