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If Nos Tempos do Imperador started with just a couple of lovers, now naughty reigns free in Globo’s soap opera. In crisis, the duo formed by Luísa (Mariana Ximenes) and Pedro (Selton Mello) will be sidelined by the stories of Dolores (Daphne Bozaski) and Nélio (João Pedro Zappa) and by the villain couple Tonico (Alexandre Nero) and Zayla ( Heslaine Vieira).

The Paraguayan War (1864-1870) was the reason for the discord between the countess of Barral and the Brazilian leader. The protagonist will decide to fight the conflict along with other volunteers, and the teacher will fear for the life of the loved one.

Luisa will try to make Pedro give up on the idea, but the emperor will not listen to his mistress. Rejected, the character played by Mariana Ximenes will fall into the bed of sadness and worry even Pilar (Gabriela Medvedovski).

While the couple’s love life will take a break, other couples will gain space with their little getaways. Tonico and Zayla, for example, will exchange saliva from this Wednesday (24th).

Out of jail after attacking Madame Lambert (Lorena de Souza), the villain will look for the deputy after being expelled from Little Africa. The politician will play hard to get at the beginning, but he will fall for the woman’s lip.

The antagonists will start a torrid love affair, and Tonico will get carried away. He will rent a room at the Perequetê casino for Zayla to live there and offer her a new job as the owner of Madame Lambert’s studio.

A frequent visitor to the place, Dolores will find the boutique’s new management strange and will comment on the situation to Nélio. A gossip, Tonico’s employee will explain that the deputy has an affair with Zayla and will have given him the store as a treat.

Nelio’s lover, Dolores will laugh aimlessly with “changed lead”: “Tonico with Zayla? Oxe… At least I’m free of him coming from sniffing. Now we’re even. I also betray him”, she will comment, relieved.

But Nélio is not so sure: “He doesn’t even play with it. Today he made fun of us. He said that a man can betray, a woman cannot. He bragged that he doesn’t take this risk, because no one would want you”, he will reply.

Dolores also gets away with Nélio

Dolores also gets away with Nélio

Week Summary

Monday, 11/22 (Chapter 91)
Isabel and Gastão leave for a trip to Europe. Pilar suggests to Dolores that Nelio may have evidence against Tonico. Solano tells Elisa that he took control of Mato Grosso and declared war on Brazil. Augusto comments with Leopoldina about Luísa.

Faced with Dominique’s avoidance of seeing her mother, Luísa gives up on returning to France. Batista and Lupita despair because they can’t get rid of Lota. Pedro is informed about Solano’s domination of Mato Grosso and announces war against Paraguay.

Tuesday, 11/23 (Chapter 92)
Tonico pretends to help Pedro, who calls for efforts and investments in the Brazilian army. Leopoldina is frustrated at having to postpone her trip with Augusto. Luísa and Teresa decide a truce between the two, to support Pedro and Brazil.

Nélio tells Dolores that he will get evidence against Tonico. Mauá announces to Samuel that the works on the dam are suspended due to the war. Zayla leaves Little Africa, and Candida despairs. Samuel tells Pilar that they will have to postpone the wedding. Zayla looks for Tonico.

Wednesday, 11/24 (Chapter 93)
Zayla and Tonico kiss. Tonico installs Zayla in Quinzinho’s casino. Pilar takes care of Luísa, who suffers from Dominique’s refusal to see her. Guebo tries to talk to Zayla, who pushes his friend away. Lupita believes that Vitória is in love with Quinzinho.

Pedro starts a voluntary recruitment campaign for the Brazilian army. Olu, Tonico and Nélio enlist, while Guebo refuses. Pilar and Dolores forbid Samuel and Nélio from fighting the war against Paraguay. Peter announces his enlistment in the army.

Thursday, 11/25 (Chapter 94)
Caxias alerts Pedro about his lack of military training and asks Luísa for help in dissuading him from the idea. Tonico joins the army. Samuel confronts Zayla. Pilar and Dolores’ plan works, and Tonico gives up on forcing Nélio to join the war.

Isabel suffers for not having gotten pregnant. Pedro celebrates Argentina’s signs of support for Brazil. Nino asks Celestina to marry him. Luísa argues with Pedro for his refusal to give up on the war. Tonico buys Madame Lambert’s studio for Zayla.

Friday, 11/26 (Chapter 95)
Pilar helps Luísa regain her spirits. Caxias says that the Council of Ministers allowed Pedro to go to war as commander-in-chief. Borges makes shady deals with Tonico, and Nélio watches them. Luísa resumes the activities of the Society of Camellias. Dolores goes to Zayla’s studio. Lota catches the frame of Batista, Lupita and Quinzinho.

Saturday, 11/27 (Chapter 96)
Batista declares his love for Lupita. Nélio reveals to Dolores that Tonico has an affair with Zayla. Batista tries to run away with Lupita, but Lota and Bernardinho arrest the baron. Prisca and Hilário ask Vitória to be their new mother, and Quinzinho gets emotional. The benefit organized by Teresa begins at the casino. Augusto moves Leopoldina away from Luísa. Tonico is startled when he finds out that Dolores knows about his relationship with Zayla.

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