Is there marijuana on the Record reality show?

After Dayane Mello’s request for marijuana at the 10th party of “A Fazenda 13” (RecordTV), MC Gui, Gui Araujo and Dynho Alves commented on their use of the drug. That was enough for a series of speculations in the network that even reached ex-BBB.

Dynho asked: “Put down a paper, there” and Gui Araujo revealed: “There’s one ready there, Zé”, and Mirella’s ex-husband was surprised: “Really? Just get there?”.

MC Gui asked: “Hey, Zé, leave a teco there, Zé”, and the ex-On Vacation with the Ex recalled Day’s posture at the party: “Ah, yesterday Day already caused it. I took another call, man. he kept saying: ‘Oh, I don’t know what, leave it there'” and the audio was cut off.

Dynho questioned: “But did you let her go?” and Bill said yes: “Oh, I let it go, bro. She stayed there…” when he was interrupted by MC Bill: “She gives two and throws the stuff. Downstairs I left it for her there, it gave two to the stuff. and threw it away. I said, ‘No, Joe, for God’s sake, don’t do this to me'”.

Araujo said that the use would have been reduced by production: “Now there’s no more, it’s one a week. Now we’re going to have to divide everything, half and half, because it’s one a week, they said.”

MC Gui commented: “If you leave me a little bit, it’s ok” and Anitta’s ex revealed: “But I want to reduce it too”. Dynho added: “So that little lung doesn’t cry, right?”.

The funkeiro remembered: “Zé, the heart when it was three beats, we already ran there. If it was two we would go more or less, when it beat three times a day…” and was interrupted by Araujo: “I already remembered from Tati, right away”. After the conversation, the Playplus signal was cut off.

After party

The issue took hold after the party, when, in a suspicious dialogue, Dayane asked Gui Araujo for silk. “Give it a silk there,” says the model. The former MTV said he was there in the “business” and that she should ask someone to do it. The pawn replied: “I do it, I do it!”, and MC Gui told her to “get out of it”. She then revealed: “I do it well, I know how to do it too”.

Anitta’s ex stated that it was prohibited to use “by those who have not put it on before”. Then, once again the ex-Gran Fratello Vip asked, this time clearly: “Is there a silk or not?”. Bill said he was “there”, she asked, “Just go there and ‘bread’?” and he reiterated.

In another moment, Dynho was heading towards the closet and confirmed to Sthe that something had arrived. “That’s a lie!”, said the discredited boy and showing happiness.

Aline asked, “What?” and the influencer, who was no longer on the camera’s radar, replied, “Enough, am I more?” while making an undisclosed gesture. The ex-panicat understood and snapped, “Oh yeah? Gee, you guys are f*cking, huh. You guys are spoiled? Damn, it’s a relief. It’s a relief to the mind, right? Wow, for God’s sake.”

Minutes later, Dynho came out of the closet, Sthe hugged him and he confirmed: “Okay, I’ll do it? It’s here.” “Are you going to do? Do a good that way you know,” said the pea, then they both celebrated.

It is worth remembering that when Tati Quebra Barraco was still in the rural reality show, Rico stole a cigarette from the worker and got dizzy, saying that he should have been baptized.

Mirella, who participated in the twelfth edition of A Fazenda 12, spoke on Twitter about the situation, and stated that the use of marijuana in the program is prohibited, only tobacco is allowed.

splash he sought out RecordTV to find out if marijuana is released on reality, but he got no return.

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