‘It puts me in a single reality TV’, shoots MC Mirella, about Dynho – Entertainment

MC Mirella used social media to give her ex-husband, the pawn Dynho Alves, from The Farm 13, which continues to confine itself to reality, full of intimacy towards Sthe Matos. “Bad woke up attacked. Put me on a single reality show now to see the damage I do. Living baby, I only learned one thing: not to stop living because of others, it’s uncertain if they would do for you, what you do for others “, shot the singer.

In this last week, even with the dancer confined, the artist has already filed the divorce papers. Questioned by R7 about the moral damage suit that Mirella could ask for the public exposure of the case, the artist’s lawyer said that she has no interest in the ex’s money. “She can ask, it’s her right, but she doesn’t want to. She just wants to break the bond,” he assured.

“She was very sad about the situation, she is feeling frustrated, but you don’t hate. Her intention is not to take money from him. Her interest is to dissolve the marriage and get on with her life. Turn the page,” reinforced the lawyer.

Mirella announced her divorce on Tuesday (16) and, through social media, hinted that the relationship between Dynho and the influencer Sthe Matos, which generated controversy and divided opinions in The Farm 13, it was the reason for separation. “Disrespect,” vented the funkeira.