Ituano wins Tombense and wins the C Series of the Brazilian – Sports

And Ituano fans couldn’t be happier. After gaining access to the Series B of Brasileirão in 2022, Galo closed the season by winning the title of the third division, this Saturday afternoon, at Novelli Júnior, by beating Tombense (which is also guaranteed in the second division next year) in the decision.

With the score 1-1 on the way out, the team led by Mazolla Júnior did not give the opponent a chance on the way back. Playing at home, he opened the account in the first stage with João Victor, giving the cue for Igor Henrique and Iago Teles, in the final stage, to close the score 3-0, thus raising the competition cup.

Even playing far away from their domains, Tombense’s team took on Ituano in the first few minutes. However, despite appearing more in their field of attack, offered little danger to goalkeeper Pegorari.

As a result, Ituano improved and balanced the actions a little more. Thus, the best chance went to João Victor, who forced Felipe Garcia to make a strange defense, giving Gerson Magrão the cue to send him out on the rebound. And the opportunity excited the owners of the house. Minutes later, at 21, João Victor received it on the left side and, when cutting to the middle, risked a shot that came out weak, but which the Gavião-Carcará goalkeeper ended up accepting, opening the score at Novelli Júnior.

Until the final stretch of the first stage, Itu’s team hardly suffered any scares from the miners, managing to take a partial advantage to the locker rooms.

On the way back to the complementary stage, coach Rafael Guanaes opted for an exchange, putting Jefferson Renan in the place of Jean Lucas. But the change did not have the expected effect, and visitors ended up taking the second. On minute 11, after a low cross, the ball reached Gerson Magrão who rolled into the small area causing Igor Henrique to send it to the back of the net, with the goal being checked and validated by the VAR.

With the score 2-0, Tombense knew that in addition to the rival on the field, another obstacle was the clock. And things got even more difficult in the last moments of the game, when Everton ended up taking the red, after a review by the VAR, causing referee Anderson Daronco to expel the athlete.

After the move, Mazola Júnior’s men were calmer on the field, until the third came out, already at 50, with Iago Teles, this being the last move before the final whistle of refereeing, with the right to a lot of celebration from the Ituano fans in the stands.

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