Larissa Manoela gives an unusual answer after being asked about a romance with João Guilherme; check out

She is a joke, she! Larissa Manoela took some time out of her Friday (19) to interact with fans on Instagram. The actress opened a box of questions and answered some amusing doubts from her followers, such as whether she would ever consider renewing her romance with her ex-boyfriend, João Guilherme.

It turns out that, instead of writing “would you go back with João Guilherme?”, the fan made a typo and wrote: “You would vote with João Guilherme?”. Smart ass, Lari immediately made fun of the situation. “As far as I know, voting is individual and secret. Then no! It would not be possible”, he wrote, adding to the text an emoji with the sign of peace and love.

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Lari’s response. (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Rumors about a possible reconciliation began after the artists returned to follow each other on social media. The exchange of follows, even, left the fans of the couple in an uproar! “Jolari is alive and anyone who disagrees will sue me“, wrote a Twitter account. “My God, Larissa Manoela followed João Guilherme back! Help! Do you have any idea they were the biggest ship teen at the time they were dating? There was none for anyone! They were the biggest! Jolari, can bring peace to teens!”, commented another profile. Look that:

Who further fueled the gossip was Zé Felipe! When responding to a follower on Instagram last Wednesday (17), the countryman gave that teased to his younger brother. “Let go of the gossip there, Zé, João and Larissa”, asked a fan. “I can see this train… João Guilherme is like a baker’s fly over there, right? Crazy to go to Disney“, joked the singer, referring to the fact that the actress always takes her boyfriends to theme parks in Orlando, in the United States.

After a year and two months together, Larissa and João separated in December 2016, after a betrayal by the young man. Currently, both are single again. Leonardo’s son confirmed the end of his relationship with Jade Picon in August. Lari, in turn, announced the breakup with Leo Cidade in February. Afterwards, she had a brief affair with André Luiz Frambach, but she has already made it clear that she is on the track.

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