Mauro Cezar: Victory over Inter shows Flamengo’s best and worst – 11/20/2021

Flamengo’s startling start in Porto Alegre, 1-0 with 4 minutes (Gabigol) and 2-0 at 18 (Andreas Pereira). Two goals followed by several clear chances lost in counterattacks offered by Internacional. So were the first 45 minutes of the match in Beira-Rio. But with Flamengo de Renato, a two-goal disadvantage does not mean a lost game for the opponent.

Then the home team rushed forward and the match turned into a busy one naked. On the field there were two teams without the slightest ability to defend themselves in an organized way, attacking madly, giving chances and losing. Cheered up? Yes. Tactically a big zone. This is not compatible with a “R$ 200 million” team, right Renato Gaúcho Portaluppi?

If Abel Ferreira left Castelão with the third consecutive loss in his bag (Fortaleza 1 x 0 Palmeiras), he must have been more excited in the final part of the first half. His opponent in Uruguay is capable of dominating the opponent, opening up an advantage over a goal quickly, but with the same speed he accepts a frank, risky, unnecessary game. One “messball

But Inter didn’t reach a draw and after the crazy rush with 25 submissions and opportunities thrown in the trash in the initial stage, the teams returned more measured and worn out, of course, after the break. He didn’t get to be a Flamengo controller of the fight, but even so he managed to take the 2-1 to the final whistle against an opponent who was losing strength.

Final, red-black victory by 2-1, fourth victory after a week of the final of the Copa Libertadores, in Montevideo. The game showed the best and worst of Flamengo.

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