Mazola Junior takes Ituano-SP to the Brazilian title of Series C | Sport Brazil | Online Diary

The Third Division Brazilian Championship has a new national champion and an acquaintance who has already worked at Clube do Remo and Paysandu.

We are talking about Mazola Junior, coach of Ituano-SP, who this Saturday (20th), won the Brazilian title of Série C by beating Tombense-MG by 3-0, in Itu (SP).

The goals of the São Paulo team were scored by João Victor, Igor Henrique and Iago Teles. At the end of the game, the party started on the lawn and in the stands of the Novelli Junior stadium.

The team lifts the Serie C 2021 cup with a campaign of 26 games, with 14 wins, eight draws and four defeats. In addition to the title, Ituano-SP rises to Série B alongside Tombense-MG, Criciúma-SC and Novorizontino-SP.

For 2022, Serie C already has 18 confirmed teams with only two teams that will drop from Serie B.