Mouse humiliates Anitta on national television and ends up being exposed by her: “Disgusting!”

anitta mouse
Singer rebuts Mouse’s attack (Image: Reproduction – Twitter / Editing – RD1)

anitta he was never one to take shit home and this week, he was the victim of several humiliations of little mouse. Therefore, she insisted on giving a well-targeted answer.

It all started when he criticized her for her controversies. On his show on SBT, he shot: “You are thinking that you can do anything. Anitta, you can almost anything.”

“But you have to be a little bit of an example too. I remember very well, Ms. Anitta, but Gretchen in her time was much more famous than you, see?”, he continued.

“He went there to get a tattoo on the ‘furico’. Think that’s cute? I’m not being straight, I’m not being disgusting anymore. It’s another thing. I think it’s disgusting to say that,” completed.

The singer then came across the video on an Instagram page and exposed it, saying: “Says the guy who makes money doing DNA testing on TV.”

The netizens, of course, took his side and detonated Mouse.

Singer denies that she is dating

Recently, the singer used her Twitter profile to comment on an alleged affair.

The singer, who is living in the United States, denied that she is having an affair in the country with a Brazilian boy, after having a barbecue at her house for some famous friends.

Then people just sent me a “news” (gossip) .. Sleepy guy … yes I had a barbecue at my house and my friends invited friends. But I was already double booked internationally so the gossip that I’m having a Brazilian affair doesn’t apply. #peace Love“, wrote the singer.

In addition, the funkeira explained how she “organizes” her relationships. “I organize demographically. If you’re from Brazil, it’s for when you’re on Brazilian soil… and so on… States, countries… you always have to organize properly“, explained the singer.

Anitta talks about recognition in the United States

In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazzar Brasil magazine, the Brazilian singer revealed how the recognition of her international career is being recognized by foreign audiences. The artist confided that she has already started to be seen by the North American press.

I’m already starting to get noticed in restaurants, at the gym and by the paparazzi. I can’t even go out with any clothes on the street anymore like I used to.“, he said.

I knew I was going to go down all the stairs and start from scratch. I knocked on the radios door waiting for an interview. Sometimes I could, sometimes I couldn’t. And that’s okay. I went from the person who was wanted to the one who went after“, said.

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